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NSF-Approved Cutting Boards

John Boos Professional Cutting Boards Are Approved for the Food Service Industry. NSF certified logo

Commercial Cutting Boards for Restaurants, Delis and Homes, of Course

NSF (formerly the National Sanitation Foundation) is a national organization concerned with health and public safety. It reviews the materials and processes used by manufactruers in making products intended for use in food service establishments as small as mom and pop sub shops and as large as commercial food processing plants. The NSF endorsement means that these cutting boards and the facilities in which they are made meet recognized industry standards designed to promote public health. Consequently, these cutting boards are eligible for use by food service industry professionals from food handlers to meat packers to sous-chefs.

John Boos NSF-Approved Cutting Boards Come in a Range of Sizes

Choose from our selection of rectangular boards, with and without juice grooves, starting as small as 10" by 5" and topping out at 24" by 18". Some NSF boards are reversible, and some include hand grips. 

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