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Artelegno Contemporary Knife Blocks and Unique Cutting Boards Set the Standards

Artelegno Was Founded in Italy More Than Half a Century Ago

The company’s birthplace was the mountain village of Premana in the region of Lombardy - a town characterized by its citizens’ hard-working culture. Building on the creativity and persistence of two generations of Fazzinis, the company has thrived, relocating to larger, more modern production facilities in Taceno and expanding its geographic footprint to now include the world’s largest market – the USA. Today’s Artelegno remains steadfastly committed to designing and manufacturing stunning knife blocks - regular and magnetic, as well as highly functional cutting boards that grab our attention.

Artelegno founders

Italy’s Natural Beauty Continues to Inspire Exceptional Kitchen Product Design

Living amidst immense natural beauty, over the years the company’s product designers couldn’t help but develop a keen eye for aesthetics that translated into the highest of design and production standards. In true Italian tradition, Artelegno strives for exclusive, innovative designs and to make wooden housewares that are beautiful, functional and durable.

Artelegno Logo

Artelegno’s Mission Is To Improve the Quality of Everyday Life

In designing and manufacturing kitchen boards and blocks that will carry the Artelegno name, the company considers the physical and psychic sensations that consumers experience while using the products, such as the feel of the product and the pleasure one derives from using it.

Artelegno Product Quality

That’s partly why Artelegno knife blocks are finished with food-safe, water-based protective varnishes; and why Artelegno cutting boards are finely sanded and finished with food-safe oil that repels water and stains.

Magnificent, Magnetic Knife Blocks Plus Uniquely Utilitarian Cutting Boards Are Artelegno’s Focus

European Beech is Artelegno’s Go-To wood. Widespread across much of Europe, Fagus sylvatica trees can live to be over 300 years old and more than 100 feet tall. It’s a medium to heavy-weight wood that’s hard and highly resistant to abrasion. Its coloration is generally pale yellow to muted whites, making it perfect for most kitchens when incorporated into magnetic knife blocks or specialized cutting boards such as the Torino, with a slot to house knives in use, or the Siena which features a slide-out cutting board hidden inside a bigger board.

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