Food Superstitions – Just in Time for Halloween!

Food Superstitions – Just in Time for Halloween!

With Halloween celebrations in full swing, we’ve been thinking about the creepy and supernatural (and candy; mostly about candy). Ghosts and goblins don’t really fit into our narrative around here, though, so we thought we’d talk about food!

This is a great time of year to freak yourself out by reading into food superstitions!

We’re all aware of some of the common food superstitions like throwing salt over your left shoulder (you know – to blind the devil), or using garlic to ward off vampires, but I’ve come across a few that I had never heard before, and now I’m a little worried!

Have you ever just handed a friend a knife while cooking together? I bet you’re no longer on speaking terms, right? Same with hot peppers! It’s no wonder I don’t have any friends left…and here I thought it was my personality. So if you want to keep your relationships intact, make sure you set the pepper or the knife on the table and let your friend pick it up on their own. Gifting knives is also a no-no, which is why a coin is often included when a knife is given; the recipient offers the coin to the giver as “payment” so as to avoid any friendship ruining.

Food Superstitions

Don’t hand this to anyone!

I’m not terribly concerned about my past knife and pepper indiscretions, but were you aware that cutting long noodles could shorten your life? I spent a solid year cutting up my son’s Chow Mein from our favorite Chinese restaurant so he wouldn’t make as big of a mess. I don’t know if that puts my life at risk or his, but we will now be a strictly long-noodled household.

And there is NO TELLING how many terrible storms at sea I have caused by not crushing up my eggshells before tossing them!

Food Superstitions

How much are these bubbles worth?

Or the untold riches I could have amassed by simply using a spoon to catch and eat the bubbles in my coffee. I drink coffee every day! Thankfully I have never taken bananas onto a ship, so I’m not responsible for any terrible fishing days (probably worth noting that the only ship I’ve been on is a cruise ship, so fishing wasn’t exactly a priority).

Have you broken the rules of any of these food superstitions? Will you be tempting the fates this Halloween by breaking them on purpose? I think I’m going to stay home, turn off the lights, and eat some super garlicky pasta just in case the vampires come for me.

Do you know of any food superstitions besides these? We would love to hear from you!


  1. I was taught this one when I was young by my Great Grandmother. Spilling salt is bad luck. If you spill salt, you are supposed to pick up a pinch of it and throw it over your left shoulder, right in the eye of the Evil spirits, (or bad luck)!
    Salt was a very valuable commodity, and even spilling a pinch was wasting it and of course waste was a sin, and sinning invites Evil. So there you have it!

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