Football = Butcher Block Co.

Football = Butcher Block Co.

There’s a lot of talk about The Big Game… certainly a relevant and timely subject to blog about.  But having already blogged about great game-day appetizer recipes or tips for entertaining guests for the big game, I really wanted to do something fresh and unique.  But how do you connect the culmination of football season to the biz of butcher blocks?  Well thanks to some creative writing by my son, Mathew Grodsky, he has cleverly laminated these two subjects together.

Loyal readers, Superbowl 50 is right around the corner! A day that revolves around two major sports franchises bumping heads while the rest of us huddle around our television screens. Why have we become so enamored with football? There are many theories but a likely one is because the struggle that these teams face to rise up as the cream of the crop every season speaks to us as Americans. It is relatable to us because we strive to be the best in our endeavors every day. A warning, this blog is not a series of inspirational metaphors on American work ethic. Instead, it’s about “relatability”.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the euphoria that comes with America’s greatest sporting event, let us not forget that football relates to ButcherBlock Co. in, oh, so many ways. Seriously.

If you think about it, football players devote themselves to being masters of their craft in an effort to be superb in their profession. They are truly elite athletes whose commitment through long labor hours is all fueled by their passion for the game. Similarly, creating butcher block requires skilled craftsmanship, a devotion to long labor hours, and a fiery passion. At Butcher Block Co. our John Boos craftsmen have created an elite line of products. See where I’m going with this?

Superbowl 50 is a showdown between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. Many speculate that this will be the final game for Broncos’ seasoned quarterback Peyton Manning as he has struggled to find his rhythm this year and has looked a bit overused. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As it relates, seasoned butcher block may look worn but it still retains its great character, integrity and strength while appearing worn as a result of years of love and use.

Nevertheless, Manning should be entering this game with high confidence given his team bumped off the New England Patriots, a team shrouded in controversy due to the deflate gate scandal of last year when footballs were allegedly made flatter than a butcher block countertop.

Denver’s strong side linebacker, Von Miller, is a fifth-year linebacker and three-time Pro Bowl selection whose 49 career sacks represent the sixth most in the NFL by a player through his first four seasons. Wide, thick, and sturdy atop a set of broad legs, ButcherBlock Co. features John Boos’ largest AA block built just like Von Miller, and certainly just as durable.

Denver had seven penalties against the Patriots in the championship game against New England. Going forward, they will need to avoid silly penalties such as having 12 men on the field. Every football fan knows there are only 11 players allowed on the field per team while ButcherBlock Co. allows customers to select 11 differently sized team-mates for the Boos AA block.

If the Broncos are to have any success in this game against Carolina, their offensive linemen will need to protect Manning in the pocket; if they do it right then Manning should resemble an island because no one should be around him – preferably he’ll resemble a Catskill Craftsmen Island with drop leaf, allowing him extra space in case he needs to drop back and throw a Hail Mary.

The Broncos certainly have their work cut out for them as their opponent is fired up and on a scoring hot streak. In Sunday’s NFC championship game between the Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals, Carolina quarterback, Cam Newton, proved he could air mail long bombs down the field to his wide receivers seemingly without consequence. That kind of superb “shipping” was something the Cardinals failed to duplicate, but seems to be right out of the Butcher Block Co. playbook given their offer of  free shipping on all furniture purchases!

The Panther’s head coach and former Chicago Bears defensive coordinator, Ron Rivera, has led his team to a nearly perfect season. He should be feeling pretty proud these days considering the Bears put him on the chopping block in 2006 – not to be confused with the chopping blocks at ButcherBlock Co. which include a plethora of affordable options. So if you ever have a defensive coordinator that needs to be fired you can simply pull out the chopping block.

Still not convinced football relates directly to ButcherBlock Co.? Well, this year the Superbowl will take place on February 7th, 2016. That’s 76 years to the day that Walt Disney’s second feature length film “Pinocchio” premiered in New York City, therefore solidifying the fact that this day could be about the magic of wood… and equally relatable to wood’s elemental contributions to ButcherBlockCo.’s finest butcher block furniture and accessories.

Yeah, I may be reaching here. But we can all look forward to great blocks at both the Superbowl and Butcher Block Co.!

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