John Boos Introduces Five New Colors

John Boos Introduces Five New Colors

John Boos Kitchen Tables and Butcher Blocks In Five Exciting New Colors

Boos & Co. Adds Five New Colors To Keep Their Iconic Product Line Fresh, Relevant and Appealing

Earlier this year, John Boos & Co. discontinued a number of color options for the bases of their ubiquitous butcher blocks and tables and announced the addition of a new color: Slate Gray. Industry watchers have been eager for the unveiling of other replacement colors. Just announced, they are: Caribbean Blue, Clover Green, French Roast, Spicy Latte and Walnut Stain. All are now available on BBC’s website:

Kathleen Grodsky, BBC’s Vice President of Marketing and Operations, stressed that a significant amount of research goes into the screening and development of furniture colors. “There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, pun intended,” Grodsky explained. “Psychologists long ago established that the colors around us can profoundly impact our emotions and moods. Furniture manufacturers and interior designers give serious consideration to such factors before implementing product design changes.

“The palette of new hues from John Boos & Co. runs the full spectrum of the color wheel. For instance, new Spicy Latte, a muted orange, generates warmth and energy; whereas Caribbean Blue, a vibrant bluish green, connotes calm and tranquility. Natural greens will forever be popular with designers and homemakers, since they remind us of the outdoors and tend to soothe and relax. New Clover Green is no exception. It has the added benefit of reinforcing the hues found in fresh and healthy herbs and leafy greens.

So many kitchens feature neutral colors that Boos decided to add two new shades of brown to their lineup. Browns signal terra firma and invoke feelings of warmth and belongingness. The new Boos color of Walnut Stain certainly imparts warmth, plus it allows for the natural beauty of wood grain to still show. In contrast, the fifth and final new color – French Roast – delivers an equally rich, but opaque finish.”

“About Butcher Block Co: A leading online seller of kitchen furniture and accessories, BBC specializes in butcher block countertops, islands, tables, carts and work centers. Earlier this year the company expanded its product offerings with the addition of wood cutting boards and knife blocks.

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