John Boos & Co. Announces New Kitchen Island and Work Tables

John Boos & Co. Announces New Kitchen Island and Work Tables

Butcher Block Market Leader, John Boos, Looks to Tap Consumer Preference Shift to Walnut

Every year Effingham, Illinois-based John Boos & Co. announces changes to the company’s product line a broad assortment of butcher block furniture and accessories. “In making such decisions, they analyze sales trends and they research changing consumer tastes to identify trends,” explained Boos’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ted Gravenhorst.

In planning their 2016 product line, Boos designers were influenced by two trends in particular: increasing demand for end-grain style butcher blocks (which are made by standing short wood pieces on end in a checkerboard-like grid) and growing popularity of American Black Walnut (the darkest species of hardwood that reveals tan and cream colors, plus medium to chocolate browns.)

Kathleen Grodsky, VP of Marketing at Butcher Block Co. a leading Boos online dealer, provided details on the two new, end-grain butcher block tables Boos is rolling out. “Their edge-grain Grazzi Table in Rock Maple has always been a big seller for them, so its exciting to see John Boos come out with an End-Grain Maple Grazzi Table. Its 2-1/4-inch thick top will be massive 60 long and 28 wide,” she shared. “They’re also looking forward to offering the Walnut Harvest Table. It’s topped with a 4-inch thick, black walnut, oval end-grain butcher block that’s 60 by 30.

Boos also announced new Walnut Gathering Blocks, which will be available in three sizes: 25 x 24, 36 x 24 and 48 x 24; plus Blended Walnut Classic Country Work Tables in a variety of sizes and shelving configurations. All of these tables can be ordered with colored bases to add even more flair to kitchens, pantries or dining rooms. The thirteen color options include walnut, cherry and gray stains; warm shades such as natural maple; and such bold paint colors as Barn Red, Clover Green and Caribbean Blue.

About John Boos: Boos & Co. makes premium butcher block countertops, furniture and cutting boards; plus stainless steel work tables, enclosed base cabinets and compartment sinks . Their products are regularly featured on cooking shows on Food Network and the Cooking Channel.

About Butcher Block Co.: BBC is a leading online seller of kitchen, dining and cooking products made by John Boos & Co. as well as other major manufacturers.

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