The Largest Boos Block® Ever Made

The Largest Boos Block® Ever Made

John Boos Has Created Tyler Florence’s Boos Block® – The Largest-Ever

John Boos & Co. has been making awe-inspiring butcher blocks since 1887. Over the ensuing 128 years the company has accumulated incredible expertise and unsurpassed notoriety. So when acclaimed writer and celebrity chef Tyler Florence decided he needed a massive butcher block work table for his test kitchen, he turned to the experts at John Boos.

The Food Network Star, Tyler Florence, Inspired the Making of the Largest Boos Block – a 7-Foot Wide Butcher Block That Weighs 1400 Pounds.

According to Kathleen Grodsky, Marketing Vice President at Boos’ online dealer Butcher Block Co. (website:, “The company invested over 30 man hours into the project. The end result was a colossal, 10-inch-thick Black Walnut block weighing almost three-quarters of a ton. The block, comprised of 2500 individual wood pieces, rests atop an equally solid walnut base. The finished table measures 84 inches in diameter and can comfortably seat twelve.

In order to fit the gargantuan table through the doors of Florence’s test kitchen, it had to be constructed in two separate pieces. Once they arrive at their final destination the two halves will be rejoined to provide the most solid and stable work surface a chef could ask for. Tyler plans to make good use of the table as he formulates different recipes for testing. It’s sure to star in content he creates for his food app and his new website that’s under construction.

About Tyler Florence: A graduate of the prestigious Johnson & Wales University, Florence has starred in such Food Network cooking shows as How to Boil Water, Food 911, Tyler’s Ultimate, the Great Food Truck Race and Food Court Wars. He’s also a regular guest on many other TV programs. In addition, he has authored 8 books, the latest of which, 2014’s “Inside the Test Kitchen: 120 New Recipes Perfected”, carries a 4.6 (out of 5) star rating on Amazon. Finally, Tyler has opened his own restaurant and he even sells luxury kitchen implements and supplies at the Tyler Florence Shop in Mill Valley, California.

About John Boos: Boos & Co. makes premium butcher block products that are preferred by casual, professional and celebrity chefs alike. They are regularly featured on popular cooking shows on Food Network and the Cooking Channel, and typically found in finer restaurants across the country.

About Butcher Block Co.: BBC is a leading online seller of kitchen furniture and accessories from leading manufacturers, including John Boos. On the company’s website ( visitors can find a wide range of cutting boards, kitchen carts, islands and tables. They can even configure, price and compare custom countertops in different wood species and grain styles.

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