The Butcher Block Experts Are on the Lookout for Breakout Artisans in the Southwestern U.S.

Butcher Block Co. Looks to Expand Its Supplier Lineup

Online retailer Butcher Block Co., a leading direct-to-consumer distributor of butcher block countertops, kitchen islands, kitchen carts and cutting boards, announced today that it added two new artisanal woodcrafters to its vendor portfolio during this year’s second quarter, and it continues to search for makers of differentiated, handcrafted kitchen furniture and accessories who are based in the southwestern U.S.

Company president, Mark Shook, proclaimed that the E-commerce company “now distributes on the Butcher Block Co. website ( the full line of distinctive Cotton and Dust cutting boards and butcher blocks handcrafted by Matthew Harper in his West Texas design studio; as well as the innovative Scrapesation wooden grill scraper, designed and handmade by Sean Ung, based in Central Arizona.”

According to Company Vice President, Kathleen Grodsky, “Cotton and Dust artisan cutting boards and blocks are distinguished by Harper’s unusual designs, combinations of woods, and extensive use of tropical tigerwood that’s native to South America. Adding to their distinctiveness, Harper delivers his boards fully-wrapped and ready to gift, and will custom-engrave any boards, making it an even more sentimental and memorable gift.”

Grodsky described Sean Ung’s Scrapesation grill scraper as “100% maple wood and designed to compete head-to-head with steel wire grill brushes, about which the Center for Disease Control has previously issued warnings.” Specifically, in 2012, the CDC warned consumers who grill they should “be aware of the risk for ingestion of wire bristles from grill-cleaning brushes.”

“This is a great opportunity for talented artisans to get their creations in front of tens of thousands of online shoppers each month,” Shook continued. “Visitors to tend to be cooking enthusiasts and at-home entertainers who appreciate fine woodworking,” he concluded.

According to Grodsky, who oversees Operations and Marketing for Butcher Block Co., “I invite Southwest-based craftsmen of distinctive kitchenware to contact me for private and confidential discussions.”

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Grilling Tips + The Best BBQ Grate Scraper!

Grilling Tips + The Best BBQ Grate Scraper!

Memorial Day is early this year, on Monday May 25th.  That means you have a little more than one week to get ready for your outdoor BBQ.  So now seems the perfect time to share our best BBQ tips with you to make certain that grilling extravaganza is a total success.  One of our best tips this year is this exciting product we discovered at a local art fair, called the Scrapesation BBQ Grate Scraper.  We love it so much, we now sell it on our website, just in time for grilling season!  We think you will love it, too.

ButcherBlockCo BBQ Tips:

  • Season your grill by slowly cooking sausage on it, rendering the fat and letting it coat the grill.
  • Preheat your grill 15 minutes prior to cooking to help sear food, keep it moist, and prevent sticking.
  • Brush off the grill racks with the new Scrapesation BBQ Grate Scraper prior to BBQing.

Preheat your grill, then scrape debris off with the all wood BBQ Grate Scraper.  The heat will burn grooves into the scraper making it conform perfectly to your grates.

Memorial Day Scraper

The Scrapesation BBQ Grate Scraper is Safer than Steel Grill Brushes. Avoid metal pieces on your grates and in your food by using this wood grate scraper. (at


  •  Don’t cook cold meat.  Bring meat to room temperature before you grill, as this will help it cook evenly, without burning.
  • Oil your food to prevent juices from evaporating. Add extra flavor to grilled food with either a glaze, a rub, or a marinade.
    • A GLAZE is a sugary coating brushed on to grilled food just after it is removed from the grill. Great for fish.
    • A RUB is a blend of herbs, spices and/or oil, gently rubbed into meats a few hours before grilling. Yum.
  • Marinating your meat with acidic liquids, like vinegar or lemon juice, will help tenderize and infuse it with even more flavor.
  • Season food gently. Avoid damaging the meat fibers and overseasoning by rubbing spices in gently.
  • Don’t flip your steaks or burgers more than 2 times. It takes time to develop the caramelized BBQ crust.
  • Don’t squash your hamburgers down on the grill. It forces the juices out and makes for a dry burger.
  • Use a grill basket for small, delicate foods that might otherwise fall through the grill rack,like fish and chopped veggies.
  • Sauce your BBQ ribs during the last 30 minutes to prevent the sugars from burning.
  • Let your cooked meats “rest” on a clean cutting board for at least 10 minutes before carving. It allows the meat to absorb the juices and stay moist.
  • Food Safety Tips:
    • Avoid cross contamination by using separate cutting boards,utensils, and platters for raw (meat,poultry,fish) versus cooked foods.
    • Refrigerate foods while marinating and never baste with a marinating liquid.
    • Use a grilling thermometer to determine if your grilled protein is fully cooked. Measure the internal temperature to confirm.
scraper 900

The Scrapesation BBQ Grill Wood Scraper Makes for a Wonderful Father’s Day Gift! Only $30 plus shipping. (at


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