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John Boos Cutting Boards

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John Boos Cutting Boards & Blocks - the Very Best That Money Can Buy!

Maple Boards
John Boos Maple Cutting Boards
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John Boos End-Grain Cutting Boards
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John Boos Chopping Blocks
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Boos Professional Cutting Boards
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Boos Cutting Boards with Feet
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Boos Cutting Boards with Steel Handles

Boos cutting boards come in a variety of Shapes, Sizes and Styles

Whether you're looking for a rectangular, square, oval or round cuttin board; in a small, medium or large size; John Boos makes a cutting board that's just right for you. Choose from among edge-grain bread and serving boards; reversible carving boards with juice grooves and/or drip pans; and end-grain chopping blocks with finger grips or stainless steel handles. 

Boos Board shapes and sizes

Select a Boos maple cutting board, or one in cherry or walnut.

Boos maple cutting board and knife

Maple boards tend to be more affordable than those made of cherry or walnut. You’ll find the widest selection of Boos boards in maple. For example, they come with bun feet – either wood or steel – as well as pedestal legs. They come in square, rectangular, octagonal and round shapes. Plus the Rounds are available with handsome, stainless steel wraparound bands.

Cutting boards by John Boos come in edge-grain and end-grain styles.

In edge-grain butcher block boards, strips of wood run the full length of the board, creating clean-looking parallel lines. In contrast, the surface of an end-grain cutting block resembles a checkerboard, each square of which is the cut end of a piece of wood standing vertically, like a pillar. The wood fibers of these end pieces better absorb blows from knives, so make excellent blocks for chopping and pounding upon. 

Options for Boos wood cutting boards are wide-ranging.

Handle options include side indentations as well as steel handles. Many Boos boards are reversible, so you can flip the board over and resume work on a totally clean surface. Some include juice grooves and gravy moats making it easy to save and recycle meat juices for gravy reductions. Boos offers other solutions for particular needs. For instance, Boos herb boards feature concave centers that ensure that diced herbs remain on the board and off your counters. Boards with miniature pyramids carved into one side can hold roasts and cuts of meats in place are perfect for carving. If you cook for crowds, then you’ll definitely want to consider getting a large-size commercial cutting board.

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