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Chris & Chris Prep Stations

Chris & Chris Portable Work Stations  - Designed by Professional Chefs with Gourmets in Mind

These state-of-the-art prep stations on wheels feature a clever and proprietary “Chop and Drop” food handling system. A cutout in the worktop allows for sanitary collection of prepped food and the juice from meat, plus easy disposal of scraps and waste.

Chris and Chris (Oxford and Lindholm) share more than just a passion for cooking

Their passion extends to their shared love of innovative design and manifests itself in professional-quality kitchen carts and kitchen workstations designed for gourmets. Chris and Chris are especially clever at devising smart storage solutions that maximize the utilization of small spaces. After all, who understands the work and challenges of cooks more than folks who cook for a living?

The Chris and Chris Chop & Drop system features a juice groove on the prep station’s cutting surface.

This juice groove collects juice and scraps and directs them to a cutout they call a “Pig Snout”. Below the Pig Snout is a stainless steel pan that collects the juices and scraps of the meat you're cutting. A “trash ring” can be substituted in place of the collection pan. It’s designed to hold a plastic bags of various sizes, if you prefer.

Chris & Chris kitchen work stations also feature many other niceties.

The cutting surface of each C&C kitchen workstation is made of end-grain hardwood. Many of their kitchen prep stations include spacious utility drawers. All include shelves of one type or another, whether solid wood, slatted wood, wire or sliding wire basket shelves. Some Chris and Chris kitchen prep stations even include towel bars, ingredient racks and knife holders. All come with commercial-grade caster wheels, making them as convenient as they are practical.

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