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Bistro Style Dining Stools

Bistro Style Dining Stools in Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Oak

Pub Style Dining Stools for Kitchens Rustic to Modern and from Farmhouse to Urban

John Boos has long been recognized and respected as a leading brand of wood kitchen tables for baking, prepping food, and dining at home. The brand is equally well known and trusted within the food service industry. In fact, most professional and celebrity chefs use Boos Blocks in their test and restaurant kitchens; and commercial kitchens rely on Boos stainless steel equipment to satisfy high-volume customer demand.

Boos & Co. has historically focused on tables built principally of wood, and equipment used in the commercial food service industry that's made of steel. But the introduction of the John Boos Foundry Collection marks the company’s first launch of a modern industrial dining table with stools. Based on early industry buzz, the line is expected to attract a serious following among residential and commercial customers alike.

In Pub or Bistro Styles; Clear Coat or Black Base Finishes

In developing the new furniture line, Boos’s design team focused as much attention and energy on seating options as they did on table styling and details. Like the dining tables they complement, Foundry Collection wood dining stools are available in Pub Style and Bistro Style designs. Finally, as with tables, you get to choose a powder coat finish of either Wrinkle Black or Clear Coat for your dining stool bases. 

John Boos Dining Stools

Stools in Countertop Height and Bar Height

Boos Foundry Collection wood-and-steel dining stools come in heights of 24 and 30 inches, corresponding with Boos tables of countertop-height and bar-height, respectively. Each is outfitted with a sturdy foot rest ring. 

Foundry Collection Pub Style Dining Stools
John Boos Foundry Collection Bistro Style Stools

John Boos Dining Stools
The "Boos Block" Logo Is Embossed on the Edge of Each Stool Top

The "Boos Block" logo is embossed on the edge of each Foundry Collection dining stool. It's the sign of John Boos authenticity, as well as your own good taste.

Boos Foundry Collection Stools Swivel 360 Degrees 

The seats on FC dining stools are 1-1/2"-thick butcher block. They rotate 360 degrees, making them convenient for diners to swivel to reach food on the table or converse with other diners around the table.

John Boos Dining Stools

How To Determine How Many Stools You Need

Tables 60 to 72 inches long can typically accommodate four stools and diners comfortably. For tables seven feet long, the recommendation is six stools, two of which would be situated at table ends. 

John Boos Foundry Collection Dining Table Seating Capacity

Available in Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Oak

Foundry Collection wood types

Northern Hard Rock Maple is our customers' favorite, preferred for its hardness, neutral colors and affordability.

American Black Walnut ranks number-two, appreciated for its striking palette of milky white, tan, and light to dark browns.

American Cherry darkens over time, transitioning from pale pink to a reddish-brown, with streaks of creamy yellow.

Appalachian Red Oak displays darker browns than does Maple, but lighter browns than Walnut.

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