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Cherry Dining Table Sets

Dining Table Sets That Blend Wood and Steel with Superb Design - New, from John Boos & Co.

For more than a century John Boos & Co. has been a leader in designing and manufacturing fine wood furniture and cutting boards for residential and foodservice industry customers. Plus, their commercial division is a top supplier of stainless steel kitchen work tables and cabinets used in restaurants worldwide. With the launch of their innovative new Foundry Collection, the company once again turning heads.

Boos & Co. is now leveraging their design expertise and manufacturing prowess to bring to market a stunning wood dining table design in two modern industrial styles. These dining table sets (dining table with bench or dining stools) meld together two materials with very different properties and looks – timeless, natural hardwood butcher block and contoured, powder-coated steel. The end result is these stunning rustic modern dining table sets.

John Boos Dining Table

Inspired by the Farmhouse Table and the Trestle Table, Foundry Collection Tables Are in a Class of Their Own

Although they bring to mind classic farmhouse tables, these new steel and wood dining tables have way more flair, not to mention bases made of solid steel, unlike the farmhouse dining table. And while a Foundry Collection table somewhat resembles a trestle dining table, it uniquely features a long, horizontal bridge board (a “stringer”) that connects the table’s two steel supports, adding both beauty and stability. Both the dining table's top and the stringer are 1-1/2"-thick edge-grain butcher blocks finished with Boos Varnique - a varnish-like product that leaves a semi-gloss finish that's impervious to most household chemicals and virtually maintenance free. Simply use soapy water and a soft cloth to clean either surface.


A Rustic Dining Table in Two Modern Styles, Three Heights, Six Sizes, and Four Species of Wood

Choose Between Pub Style and Bistro Style

Pub Style

Pub Style table base supports flare outward, delivering a stout look and a solid feel.

John Boos Foundry Collection Pub Style Dining Tables John Boos Foundry Collection Bistro Style Dining Tables

Bistro Style

Bistro Style table bases taper subtly inward, conveying an air of refined sophistication.

Select a Height for Your Dining Table: Counter Height or Bar Height

Pub Style

John Boos Foundry Collection Pub Style Dining Table Heights
John Boos Foundry Collection Bistro Style Dining Table Heights

Bistro Style

Six Dining Table Sizes: 60x36, 72x36, 84x36 | 60x42, 72x42, 84x42

All Foundry Collection dining tables can comfortably accommodate four diners seated on dining stools. Intermediate-sized tables - 72 inches long - provide a bit more elbow room for four. Tables 84 inches long are recommended for six diners, two of whom would be seated at table ends. The new Boos line also includes dining bench options, enabling you to host even more diners.

John Boos Foundry Collection Dining Table Seating Capacity

Make Your Wood Dining Table Any of Four Popular Species

Boos Foundry Collection wood types

Northern Hard Rock Maple is Boos's top seller, preferred for its hardness, neutral colors and affordability.

American Black Walnut ranks number two, appreciated for its striking palette of brownish tans and medium-to-dark browns.

American Cherry darkens over time, transitioning from pale pink to light-to-medium reddish-browns and yellow.

Appalachian Red Oak displays darker browns than does Maple, but lighter browns than those characteristic of Walnut.

Add Dining Stools To Complement Your Table

- Swivel stools come in Pub and Bistro styles; in counter and bar heights

- Wood seats are 1-1/2-inch-thick edge-grain Boos Block

John Boos Dining Table

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