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Dining Benches

Need a Dining Bench or Two?  John Boos Dining Benches Come in Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Oak.

Each Boos Wood Bench Is Pub-Style Design and 18" Tall

The seat of each modern industrial dining bench is 1-1/2-inch-thick edge-grain butcher block. In edge-grain blocks, 1-3/4"-wide wood strips, thermo-bonded together, run the length of the block. A stringer board of identical species and construction spans the table's base, resting on its steel support and adding beauty as well as stability. The legs of the table's supports flare outward, matching the look of Foundry Collection Pub Style dining tables. 

John Boos Dining Benches

Modern Industrial Dining Benches 5, 6 or 7 Feet Long

Boos modern rustic dining benches come in lengths of 60, 72 and 84 inches, corresponding to Foundry Collection table lengths. The legs of each bench flare outward, following the Pub Style design. Dining bench steel bases are powder-coated, for superior durability and resistance to scrapes and nicks. Select a powder coating in either black or clear. 

John Boos Dining Benches

Pick and of Four Popular Hardwoods for Your Wood Dining Bench

butcher block dining benches

Northern Hard Rock Maple is our customers' favorite, preferred for its hardness, neutral colors and affordability.

Walnut ranks second in preference, loved for its visually delicious mix of cream, tan, yellow, and medium-to-dark browns.

Over time, Cherry evolves from pale pink to reddish brown with cream streaks, especially when exposed to sunlight.

Red Oak bridges the gap between muted maple and stunning walnut, displaying an array of medium browns.

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