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Live Edge Wood Slab Cutting Boards

Wood Cutting Boards with Authentic Live Edges Bring the Great Outdoors Into Home Kitchens

Each of these one-of-a-kind cutting boards showcases one natural edge, revealing the tree's exterior, with bark removed.

Live Edge Boards Are Every Bit as Functional As Regular Cutting Boards, Yet Many Times More Stunning

These wood slab cutting boards come in the two most popular hardwood species: maple and walnut. Maple is prized for both its hardness and neutral colors, which makes it a great fit for almost any kitchen. Walnut is cherished for its rich blend of colors - creamy white and yellow mixed with light, medium and dark browns. Each board is salvaged and recycled from a fallen tree and restored by Amish craftsmen who call Central Ohio home. 

Each Live Edge Block Comes with a Bottle of Food-Safe Wood Block Oil

Not only does each board come with a coating of natural oil, it comes with a 4-ounce bottle of food-safe, natural oil. The oil helps protect and preserve the wood, and should be re-applied every few weeks. Whether you're shopping for a striking yet functional addition to your own kitchen or a distinctive and memorable gift, you'll find none more noteworthy!

They're Reversible Too

Not only do you get more use and useful life out of two-sided cutting boards, in the case of live-edge boards you get two different looks at its live edge(s)!

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