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Nicahome Serveware

Stunning Nicahome Serveware - Made of Gorgeous Exotic Tropical Wood from Central America

Artisanal Wooden Serving Boards Hand-Cut, Sanded and Polished  

Nicahome’s team of artisans handcrafts distinctive serving boards using woods from some of Central America’s most remarkable exotic tree species. Cocobolo, for instance, whose heartwood is typically orange to reddish-brown, is so dense it can sink in water. Loaded with natural oil, cocobolo can be polished to deliver a glossy, lustrous finish. Teak, another tropical hardwood, is renowned for its durability and exceptional water resistance tracing to its oily composition. And, frijolillo (common name: Goncalo Alves) displays brown and golden brown colors.

Remarkable Serving Bowls and Cups of Exquisite Design and Finish

Nicahome’s serving bowls and condiment cups are made of the what is perhaps Central America’s most distinctive wood: Cocobolo. The wood’s characteristic orange and reddish-brown hues make it a standout. The wood’s key characteristiecs – high density and high oil-content, enable it to withstand heavy use and repeated washings.

Nicaragua’s Nicahome Is Socially and Environmentally Conscious.

Nicahome provides valuable jobs to many Nicaraguans and supports such important causes as the Wild Life Reserve – a non-profit organization committed to preserving Nicaragua’s natural resources through sustainable management of natural resources. Nicahome strives to minimize waste by using nearly all parts of trees. For example, they use branches and limbs of Cocobolo trees to carve and craft exquisite serving bowls and cups. Plus, the company replants two trees for every one they use.

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