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Oasis Concepts Foldables

Space-Saving Kitchen Islands, Carts, Tables and Desks that Fold up and away

Shopping for a Kitchen Island or Cart that Folds? Look no Further than Oasis Concepts!

Islands and carts are such smart kitchen additions! There’s no better way to add portable work and storage space to your kitchen. You can wheel a cart to where it’s needed, then just as quickly and easily, wheel it out of the way. So you might ask how anyone could possibly improve on such a smart and convenient kitchen aid. Well, here’s the answer.

Foldable Kitchen Island Carts Blend Convenience with Space-Saving Advantages

Regular kitchen carts and mobile islands are great because they can be wheeled out of the way when not in use. But regardless where you store them, they still take up space. In contrast, carts and islands that fold up for easy storing in small spaces don’t require nearly as much floor space. In fact, Oasis products when folded, typically consume only about one-fourth as much space as when deployed. So why not get the biggest bang for your buck with a kitchen island or cart that folds?

Folding islands and carts are the perfect solution for space-constrained homemakers.

Your kitchen might lack the necessary space for a conventional kitchen cart or portable island, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without. Oasis Concepts’ foldable carts were designed with you and your kitchen in mind. Each design folds down into a compact, thin-profile unit that can slide into a narrow space for storing while not in use.

These space-saving foldables come fully-assembled and ready to use.

Thanks to Oasis Concepts’ patented innovations, all these designs ship ready to deploy. Pull yours from the box, unfold it and put it to good use. When you’re all done, simply fold it down and tuck it away for the next time.

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