2-3/4" Thick Reversible, Round & Grooved Acacia Wood Chopping Board 2-3/4" Thick Reversible, Round & Grooved Acacia Wood Chopping Board

2-3/4" Thick Reversible, Round & Grooved Acacia Wood Chopping Board

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  • 16" diameter
  • 2.75-inch thick Acacia wood
  • End-grain construction style 
  • Four cutout grips for easy transport
  • Grooved on one side; flat on the other 
  • Natural Oil finish

Liven Up Your Kitchen with a Solid Block of Durable and Stunning Acacia Wood

Acacia wood blends medium and dark browns with muted tans, so it complements the décor of most kitchens. Constructed in end-grain style, this distinctive cutting board is as durable as it is beautiful. End-grain wood is tough and resilient; and end-grain surfaces resemble colorful checkerboards, in that each square contributes its own unique colors and grain patterns, adding to the board’s overall mystique.

Reversibility Enhances Utility and Extends Board Life

In a reversible cutting board you effectively get two boards in one. Its grooved side is perfect for carving foods that produce lots of juice, such as roasts or melons, since juice will collect in the groove rather than spill over edges and onto countertops or table tops. Use the board’s flat flip side for serving bread, cheese, appetizers or desserts. This will give your diners the opportunity to see for themselves up close the beauty of Acacia wood as well as the board’s meticulous construction.


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$199.00 JET7998 16 2.75 12 859181079987

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