Live-Edge Ebonized Magnetic Knife Holder - 18" Long Live-Edge Ebonized Magnetic Knife Holder - 18" Long Live-Edge Ebonized Magnetic Knife Holder - 18" Long Live-Edge Ebonized Magnetic Knife Holder - 18" Long Live-Edge Ebonized Magnetic Knife Holder - 18" Long

Live-Edge Ebonized Magnetic Knife Holder - 18" Long

Item # HW25006

The image shown is only a sample. Each natural wood knife board is unique in color, grain pattern and shape.

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About this product


  • Live-edge maple or sycamore plank, ebonized (iron staining to create a natural black color)
  • High-strength rare earth magnets
  • Overall length: 18" 
  • Width varies: 5" to 8"
  • Thickness: 1.25" 
  • Finish: conversion varnish
  • Easy to install. Hardware is included, but not the knives.

Bring the Great Outdoors into Your Home with a Natural-Edge Magnetic Knife Holder

In a few short years, Created Hardwood Ltd. built a brand from the ground up on the back of Mother Nature, so to speak. While the family-owned business is best known for their giant live-edge wooden slabs used in table, counter and island tops, they recently launched a line of magnetic knife boards with natural edges. Some of these knife holders feature ragged, live edges, while others display straighter, smoother natural edges. In choosing a board that's right for you, look for one whose color and edging will best match your kitchen decor, and one large enough to accommodate your entire collection of knives.

Rare-earth Magnets, Hidden from Sight, Hold Knives Securely in Place

The metal bar embedded into the backside of this maple block is made of a rare-earth metal whose magnetic properties make it perfectly suitable for the task at hand. Once you position a knife in place on the knife board, it will remain secured there. And when you need it again, it will be close at hand and easily accessible. Two screws and two wall anchors are provided to make the hanging process a breeze.


Sale Price Length (in.) Width (in.) Thickness (in.) Finish
$185.00 18 5-8 1.25 Varnish

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It's important that you thoroughly inspect goods immediately upon delivery. If inspection at the time of delivery reveals damage, you should refuse delivery. If a top or base arrives damaged or defective, or if a slab develops a noticeable crack or split at least one inch wide within 30 days of receipt, Created Hardwood will either repair the product or replace it with a largely similar item. Any decision whether to repair or replace will be at CH's sole discretion. Be sure to retain original packaging material for at least 30 days, since returned goods must be shipped back in original packaging. 

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