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Custom Butcher Block Countertops & Island Tops By John Boos & Co.

Instant Online Quotes. Compare Prices of Woods, Grain Styles, & Sizes. Order Online or by Phone.

1. Choose A Wood Species

2. Choose a Wood Grain

3. Choose Dimensions

STEP 1: Choose Your Wood Species See Examples of Different Species

Wood Species Quick Tips

  • Maple - Light, fairly uniform appearance. Extremely durable.
  • Red Oak - Golden, with pink & amber tones. Pronounced grain pattern.
  • Walnut - Medium and chocolate browns, tan and cream.
  • Cherry - Light pink to reddish brown with streaks of pale yellow.
  • Maple (Commercial) - Blended grain. Food Service grade. NSF-approved.
  • Maple (Industrial) - Blended grain. Knots and imperfections might show.

STEP 2: Choose a Wood Grain Style and Finish See Examples of Different Grains

Grain Options

  • Edge Grain has full length rails that run parallel
  • Blended Grain has rails that vary in length
  • End Grain has ends of short cut rails in a checkerboard pattern.

Finish Options

Choose a Natural Oil finish if you intend to cut directly on your counter top. Choose a Varnique Semi-Gloss finish if you do not intend to cut on your counter top. (Not available on End Grain.)

STEP 3: Specify Dimensions

I need a custom size

(Make sure your length is in inches)

(Make sure your length is in inches)

I'd Like a Standard Size

About Size Pricing

For best prices, choose a standard size countertop.

Customization increases price.

Please note that Walnut Edge Grain counter tops exceeding 97" in length will typically have 2 to 3 finger joints per strip (or rail) of wood. In other words, multiple pieces will be joined together end-to-end to create each strip that spans the length of the counter top

The table below outlines countertop dimensions that require special analysis so that we may present you with the lowest possible price quote. If your request falls into any of these categories, please contact us for assistance: 1-877-845-5597 or email us at

End Grain Edge Grain Blended Grain
Length Width Length Width Length Width
1.5" thick > 145" > 42" > 145" > 42"
1.75" thick > 145" > 48"
2.25" thick > 60" > 38" > 145" > 48"
3" thick > 60" > 38" > 145" > 48"
4" thick > 60" > 38"
7" thick > 48" > 32"


(You must choose at least 1)

About Custom Edging

The standard edge for Edge Grain and Blended Grain is sanded, slightly eased, top only.

The standard edge for End Grain is 1/4" radius, top only. If you’d like to customize the edges of your countertop, we offer four classic cuts to choose from. (Not available on every species-grain style combination.)

Radius Edge

Beveled Edge

Bullnose Edge

Roman Ogee Edge

John Boos Logo

The John Boos logo can be branded on the side of your countertop at no cost. If you select "Yes" the "Boos Block" logo will be engraved on the edge of both long sides.

NSF Seal

The NSF seal can be applied to the underside of your counter at no additional charge, provided you chose Natural Oil as your finish. Varnique finish does not satisfy NSF requirements.

Also note that if you need an NSF-compliant backsplash you should call for a price quote. NSF requires that risers be coved and attached at the factory.

(Make sure your length is in inches)

About Backsplashes

All backsplashes are 4" tall, 3/4" thick and edge-grain style. Standard lengths are shown in the drop-down menu. You can cut a standard size backsplash to a custom length, or call us to arrange for a custom cut.


Additional Customization

If you have need for further customization, please call us at (877) 845‐5597. We will be happy to assess feasibility and provide a price quote.

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