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Some large and/or heavy items can only be delivered by a freight carrier.

When your order arrives at the freight company's terminal nearest you, the carrier may or may not call to schedule delivery (residential customers only). If you need to schedule an appointment for delivery, please include a note in the Comments box during checkout.

If you neglect to return a call promptly and to schedule timely delivery, the carrier might begin charging you storage fees.

Advise the carrier if access to the delivery address is restricted in any way (e.g., located on a narrow road or cul-de-sac where turnarounds are difficult) so they can schedule the right-size truck. If unloading your goods takes longer than the time allotted for your order (based on merchandise weight), you might incur detention charges. That’s why it is best to share up front any issues or concerns.

Freight shipments are delivered curbside. The freight carrier is not obligated to unload goods from the truck, unless you add(ed) Liftgate Service to your order. Nor is the driver obligated to transport goods from the curb into any building. Therefore, we urge you to arrange to have others available to assist you at the scheduled delivery time, or to add Liftgate Service and/or Inside Delivery to your order.

Typically, Liftgate Unloading Service and Inside-Garage Delivery Service Are Available for an Additional Charge

If the freight carrier offers additional delivery services, such as liftgate unloading service (i.e., from the truck bed onto the curb) or inside-garage delivery, you may add such services to your order. If you wish to, please let us know right away.

delivery truck with liftgate pallet on truck liftgate pallet on liftgate lowered to ground

Important Info about Liftgate Unloading Service

  • Liftgate service only entails movement of goods from the truck bed to the curb.
  • Liftgate service is not always available as an option, since not all delivery trucks are equipped with liftgates. You should also know that the driver is not required to use the liftgate if, in his judgment, the goods are too unwieldy (heavy or oversized) to safely unload using the liftgate. On the other hand, if the driver deems it necessary for safety reasons to use the liftgate, you will be charged for liftgate service. 
  • If you order liftgate service but the delivery truck lacks liftgate equipment or the driver deems its use unsafe, we will refund the cost of the liftgate service, of course. But it’s important that you understand that you will still be responsible for getting the goods off the truck, one way or another.

Important Info about Inside-Garage Delivery Service

  • The driver has discretion to determine if he is able to provide the service at the time of delivery.
  • There must be a clear, straight path to your garage.
  • The driveway must be paved and cannot be either especially long or steep.

Inspect Your Goods before You Sign Any Delivery Receipt

Before the driver departs, thoroughly inspect outer packaging for dings, dents or holes. Open the box and inspect the actual product for any dings, dents or cracks. 
Hold on to all original packing material in case you later discover concealed damage necessitating a product return.

  • If you observe that the merchandise is clearly damaged, do not accept delivery. Call us immediately at (877) 845-5597. We will work with the manufacturer to arrange for production and shipment of a replacement.
  • If you observe obvious mishandling of the shipment (e.g., dented corners or holes in outer packaging), take photos, share your observations with the driver and ask him to write "DAMAGED" on the delivery receipt before you sign it. 
  • If later you discover concealed damage, take photos (ideally, before removing the goods from the box) and contact us immediately for assistance.  
  • If you discover that items or parts are missing, contact us immediately for assistance. 
  • Do not refuse delivery for any other reason, since doing so might impact your eligibility for product-return credit and free redelivery.