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Some large and/or heavy items can only be delivered by a freight company.

When your item arrives at the terminal nearest you, the carrier will call to schedule delivery (residential customers only). Freight shipments are delivered to the curb. The freight company is not responsible for unloading goods or carrying them indoors. Since the driver may or may not assist you, we recommend you have someone available to help.

Curbside Liftgate Service Is Optional

Alternatively, if the freight company offers additional delivery services, such as liftgate service (i.e., unloading the item onto the curb) or inside delivery, you may add such services to your order. If you wish to, please let us know right away.

delivery truck with liftgatepallet on truck liftgatepallet on liftgate lowered to ground

Inspect merchandise at the time of delivery!

It’s crucial that you immediately inspect merchandise at the time of delivery, before the driver departs. We recommend that you hold onto all original packing material for at least one week, just in case.

  • If you discover significant damage rendering the product unusable, do not accept delivery. Write “DAMAGED” on the delivery receipt and immediately contact us. We will work with the manufacturer to arrange production and shipment of a replacement.
  • If you find less significant damage or defects of any nature, write “DAMAGED” on the delivery receipt before you sign it. It is not necessary to describe the damage or defect or to diagnose its cause, however it is imperative that you write "Damaged" on the delivery receipt before signing it, otherwise you will forfeit rights to any recourse.
  • If you determine that a part or a carton is missing, accept delivery, but write "ORDER INCOMPLETE" on the delivery receipt. Contact us immediately and we will arrange for shipment of the missing part or carton.
  • If you are unable to thoroughly inspect the goods at the time of delivery, you should accept delivery, but write “DAMAGED” on the bill of lading or delivery receipt. This will help preserve your rights to later claim concealed damage or loss, should you discover any. 
  • You should not refuse delivery for any other reason. Such refusal may render you ineligible for return credit and liable for holding and/or redelivery charges.

Concealed Damage/Loss Claims Are Difficult to Prove/Win

If you accept merchandise and later discover damage or parts missing, you will need to file a concealed damage or loss claim within 24 hours of receipt of the goods! Contact us immediately at (877) 845-5597 for assistance. You might need to repack the merchandise in original packing material for pick up and return. This is why it’s important to retain packing material.

It's important you understand that any decision whether to award compensation for a claim of alleged concealed damage is up to the freight company, exclusively; any such award might not cover the full cost of replacement; and it’s unlikely any carrier will look favorably on a concealed damage/loss claim once merchandise has been accepted free and clear. This is why it’s so important to thoroughly inspect goods at the time of delivery or otherwise note them as damaged.