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"We love butcher block so much, we bought the company."

- Mark and Kathy Shook (company owners)

Before he bought the New England Patriots, businessman Victor Kiam bought the Remington Shaver Company. He gained fame by uttering these words in TV commercials for his company’s products: "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company." We felt the same way in 2012 when we learned of the great reputation of Butcher Block Co. and saw all the fantastic products they carried. After all, how can you not fall in love with butcher block - its rich history, its durability, its natural beauty and the fact that it's renewable and sustainable.

Talk To a Butcher Block Pro at Butcher Block Co.

Unlike our over-sized competitors, Butcher Block Co. doesn’t sell everything under the sun, or under the roof for that matter. Our focus is kitchen furniture and accessories, and our sweet spot is anything and everything made of butcher block. Given our laser focus, we can be true experts in all things butcher block. We can help you decide among product types, brands, wood species and grain styles. Our real specialty is custom butcher block countertops. We’ve even built easy-to-use online apps that provide instant price quotes on nearly any custom countertop configuration.

We Are THE Butcher Block Experts

Continuing the company's long and proud history, the BB Co. team has made Butcher Block Co. the #1 resource for helpful information on kitchen countertops, furniture and accessories, and the go-to online store for these products. To maintain our leadership position we will continue to deliver the best service in the industry, as evidenced by our high customer satisfaction ratings. Like any successful company, BB Co. depends on sharp, dedicated and motivated employees. Collectively, we all share a passion for all things butcher block and a commitment to superior customer service.

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