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Prep Carts

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Portable Work Stations Featuring the Time-Saving "Chop & Drop" Food Handling System

Chris & Chris prep stations on wheels feature a clever and proprietary “Chop and Drop” food handling system. Use the worktop cutout to easily collect sliced food and for quick, sanitary disposal of scraps and waste.

Chris & Chris Food Prep Carts Feature Their "Chop & Drop" Food Handling

Professional Chefs Chris Oxford and Chris Lindholm span the gap between professionals and wannabes. They leverage their vast practical experience to design home food prep carts and mini workstations. Their portable prep carts maximize space utilization and provide the most clever of solutions for retaining valuable foodstuffs ("keeps") and disposing of waste ("scraps"). 

Cut into the work surface of each C&C prep cart is a hole they call a “Pig Snout”. As you chop, carve and slice, direct your "keeps" or "retains" toward the pig snout and into a stainless steel collection pan positioned beneath the cutout. Later, once your prep work is done and you're ready for clean-up, attach a trash bag to the “trash ring” (included) and now direct any juice remaining after carving your roast or slicing fresh mellons towards the pig snout for collection in the trash bag below.

Chris & Chris Work Stations Feature Other Convenient Niceties

Their cutting surfaces are end-grain hardwood. End-grain surfaces are comprised of the fibrous ends of sawed wood pieces, so quite resilient (e.g., able to withstand sharp knife blades yet still bounce back). Many C&C kitchen prep stations come with spacious utility drawers. All include storage shelves of one type or another - either solid wood, slatted wood, or wire - or sliding wire baskets. Some Chris and Chris kitchen prep stations include towel bars, ingredient racks and knife holders. All come with commercial-grade caster wheels, making them as convenient as they are practical.

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