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Traditional Butcher Blocks

These Traditional Boos Butcher Blocks Feature Distinctively Finished Legs

Authentic Butcher Blocks Will Always Be In Style

There are two reasons. First, they are simply gorgeous. Each of these traditional Boos Standing Blocks is a work of natural art. There’s no better way to bring Nature indoors. Second, they are incredibly functional. Each performs dual roles, serving as both a food preparation work center as well as a piece of fine furniture. Although they date back in time to the late nineteenth century, when blacksmiths first relied on solid wood blocks harvested from Sycamore trees for their toughest hammering and pounding tasks, these beautiful designs are even more cherished today, by both gourmets and home designers with exquisite taste.

Traditional Butcher Blocks Come In a Wide Range of Styles

It’s easy to imagine a traditional Boos “AB” Block in an English castle; a Rustica block in the Palace of Versailles; or a black-base, cherry-top Le Rustica in the Kremlin. Each possesses a style that’s quite distinct and conjures up such images. The same can be said for the Boos Gathering Block collection – I, II and III – which shout true Americana.

These Original-Style Butcher Blocks Range in Size, Not Just Style

The smallest footprint is a mere 18-inch square version of Boos’ “AB” Block. The largest traditional Boos Block is the Gathering Block III, which stretches 48 inches long and 24 inches deep. All of the Gathering Blocks, whether maple or walnut and regardless of size, come with sliding-drawer wicker baskets and slatted wood shelves. You can also look to certain versions of the Rustica or Le Rustica blocks if a storage shelf is a priority for you.

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