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Contemporary Butcher Blocks

Contemporary John Boos Butcher Blocks Look Fantastic in Modern Homes

Butcher Blocks Date Back to the 1800s, but Remain Timeless

Conrad’s son, John Boos, is credited with recognizing the potential of the family’s eponymous standing blocks to solve the dilemma faced by meat butchers in the late nineteenth century. Until then, Boos Blocks were used only by blacksmiths, who relied on them to provide a sturdy work surface for pounding and hammering. But young John came to realize that meat butchers too had need for solid, sturdy work tops. Once introduced to the concept, butchers immediately embraced what came to be known as Boos Blocks, and an industry was born.

Wood Chopping Blocks Make Great Additions to Urban-Style Kitchens

Centuries ago, homo sapiens had no choice; they constructed their kitchen countertops and furniture out of wood. Nowadays, we exhibit a strong interest in returning to Nature and there’s no better way than to reintroduce wood into kitchens. Not only is it highly functional, it’s beautiful as well.

Boos’ Cucina Laforza and Metro Station blend wood with stainless steel to deliver a chic look perfect for the urban design style. If you would prefer an all-wood block, choose from these Boos Blocks: the stunning Butler’s Block with bronze towel hooks; the black-base, cherry-top Bloc de Foyer; or the family of Homestead Blocks.

Outfit Your Modern Kitchen with a Sleek and Striking Standing Block

Choose from end-grain butcher blocks 4, 5 or 6 inches thick, in maple, cherry, walnut or rubberwood. The end-grain construction style delivers the classic checkerboard look that shows off wood’s varying colors and grain patterns. Plus, it provides a tough but resilient cutting surface comprised of millions of wood fibers that can absorb sharp blades without dulling them prematurely.

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