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Steel Work Cabinets

Boos Enclosed-Base Steel Cabinets Provide Valuable Storage Plus a Smooth Work Surface NSF-approved logo

John Boos Enclosed-Base Commercial Work Cabinets Are Made of Stainless Steel

Boos uses stainless steel exclusively in these enclosed base work stations since they’re designed specifically for foodservice locations, even though they’re equally suitable for industrial and other commercial applications where the tables are regularly exposed to water. Steel that’s stainless simply will not rust, regardless of how deeply it might be scratched. To be classified as stainless, steel must contain a certain percentage of chromium that’s dispersed throughout the steel, not just on its surface. The stainless steel used by Boos is referred to as “300 series,” or “18-8,” indicating a composition of approximately 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Notably, 300 series stainless steel has superior corrosion resistance as compared to 400 series SS, for example.

Choose between Cabinets with 14 or 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Tops

Since the lower the gauge, the thicker the steel, a 14-gauge stainless steel top will be thicker and heavier than one with an 16-gauge SS top. Regardless of your decision, the cabinet top will be sound-deadened, meaning that a sound damping mechanism is employed to capture vibration energy (i.e., noise) and convert it into another form of energy that is less noticeable and bothersome, namely heat. You’ll also have to decide between a flat table top and one with a 5” rear riser. Risers can be quite beneficial depending on the precise application. They can help minimize wasteful ingredient loss, enhance worker productivity and reduce sanitation expense, for example.

Choose an Open Front or Stainless Steel Sliding Doors

Cabinets with open fronts make it quicker and easier for workers to access tools, machinery and equipment stored there, of course. On the other hand, if you intend to store ingredients, materials, tools and equipment that requires some protection from its environs, or if you simply prefer a more orderly and organized look, you’ll want the security and classier appearance that sliders provide. They’re made of 18-gauge stainless steel. For more shelf-storage, add an intermediate shelf, also made of stainless steel. Another option is to equip your cabinet with a 3-drawer tier. Each drawer is fitted with roller bearings for easy gliding. You can also specify self-closing drawers for added convenience, or self-closing drawers that lock, for extra security.

Enjoy Added Worker Protection Thanks to Boos Stallion Safety Edges

These steel work cabinets feature Boos’ proprietary Stallion Safety Edge on both the front and rear edges of the work surface. In this design, the lower third of the table’s edge slopes down and in, at a 45-degree angle. By eliminating a 90-degree angle, the risk of worker lacerations or contusions when a worker reaches under the table for tools or supplies stored on the floor or a shelf is greatly diminished. His/her arms will contact the flat, angled surface, rather than a sharp metal corner.

boos stallion edge on steel table

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