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Kitchen Island Tables

A Kitchen Island Table Can Serve Dual Purposes

The neat thing about kitchen island tables is they’re multi-functional. Every island table is, in effect, two pieces of furniture. Like most kitchen islands, each can supply valuable storage space for anything from kitchenware and cookware to flower pots and bric-a-brac, while at the same time making a design statement and anchoring the entire kitchen. And like most kitchen tables, each can provide a tabletop that’s as great for prepping meals and baking as it is for breaking bread over with family and friends.

Boos Butcher Block Island Tables Come in a Variety of Styles, Shapes, Sizes and Colors

John Boos & Co. has been making butcher block for more than a century. Their line of butcher block islands is both extensive and impressive. Whether you’re adding a wooden island table to your kitchen to make a design statement, to serve as a work table for meal-prep or baking, or simply to enhance its casual, natural atmosphere, you will find a Boos kitchen island that suits your needs. For example, Boos island tables come in square, rectangular and oval shapes; in sizes small to large and in between; with butcher block tops as thin as 1-1/2 inches or as thick as 5 inches, constructed in edge-grain or end-grain style maple, walnut, cherry, or oak; and with bases available in a wide range of paint or stain colors.

Choose from a Variety of Storage Options for Your Kitchen Island Table

You’ll have a number of storage options to choose among, as well. Many Boos island tables come with slatted shelves. Some feature slats that run parallel to the table’s length and some have slats that run front to back. Dovetailed drawers are a popular option of course. For a more rustic look, consider wicker storage baskets such as those available on Boos Classic Country tables. Or you might want to consider expanding available work space and dining space by way of a drop leaf, such as those available on the Grazzi kitchen island table.

Here Are Some Other Distinctive Kitchen Island Tables

For the look of elegance, consider a Boos Rustica island table featuring classically carved table legs or the Tuscan Isle, which showcases spiral-carved legs. For a contemporary look, there’s the Cucina Moderno, topped off with sleek-looking stainless steel. Faced with a plethora of options to choose among, you might find it difficult to make a final decision. 

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