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Butcher Block Kitchen Carts Blend Beauty with Functionality and Mobility

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Kitchen Carts Aren’t Just for the Space-Constrained

Although those of us with small kitchens would feel lost without a handy kitchen cart for storing small items when shelves and draws are filled to the brim and we’re desperate for more countertop space for food prep tasks like mixing, slicing, chopping and blending, even homemakers and home cooks with space to spare can quickly become addicted to the convenience of kitchen carts. There’s nothing like having close nearby all the tools and utensils, cook books, recipe cards and small appliances that we reach for over and over again in the course of preparing an appetizer tray, whipping up an exotic dessert or assembling a full meal.

Make Your Butcher's Block Mobile!

If you’re already a fan of kitchen carts, then it’s likely that you’re big into convenience and multi-tasking. So take the next step on the path to ultra-convenience by selecting a kitchen cart with a butcher block top. Butcher block is great for all sorts of kitchen jobs. Its smooth, flat surface is perfect for baking tasks, such as rolling and kneading dough, for example. And a good block can stand up to sharp knives and even meat cleavers.

Choose a Wood or Steel Base for Your Butcher Block Cart

Depending on your kitchen décor and personal tastes, you might prefer a wood base for your butcher block kitchen cart. For a simple but classy look, plus ample convenience, consider the John Boos Culinary Cart. It comes equipped with a power bar that once plugged in, can power multiple small appliances. If you would prefer the look of an authentic standing butcher block, consider the Boos Gourmet Cart.

Carts with bases made of stainless steel deliver a striking, contemporary look. The shelves on such carts are either made of sheet steel, perforated sheet steel or tubular steel bars.

Drawers are another great storage feature you’ll want to consider for your cart. You’ll find a handful of options to choose among. One of our favorites is the Boos Cucina D’Amico.

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