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Boos Blocks are Appreciated by Both Cooking Enthusiasts and Food Service Pros

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John Boos Was Founded in the Nineteenth Century

Specifically, it was the late 1880s when Conrad Boos’ son John determined that meat butchers in and around the Central Illinois town of Effingham could make good use of the wood block tables he and his father were selling to blacksmiths. Like the smithies, butchers too had need for massive wooden slabs hoisted atop sturdy legs. They cut and chopped upon them with near reckless abandon. Over the ensuing decades, these blocks treasured by butchers made their way into supermarkets and restaurants, and eventually American homes. Their popularity grew in lockstep with the breadth of the Boos product line.

original Boos Block factory

Boos Blocks Are Used as Countertops; Table, Island and Cart Tops; Cutting Boards and Chopping Blocks

Boos & Co. is a major supplier of butcher block kitchen island and counter tops for residential and commercial kitchens. Their tops come in four varieties of hardwood - maple, walnut, cherry and oak – and in three different grain styles: edge, end and blended. They offer those same wood species and grain styles in their standing blocks and their butcher block islands, tables and carts. But the company is probably best known today for their remarkable cutting and chopping boards. Their board line includes gorgeous end-grain blocks that stand up to sharp knives and hatchets, carving boards with built-in juice grooves (gravy canals), and lovely cheese and bread serving boards.

Boos Show Room

Boos Designs Their Butcher Blocks for Heavy-Duty Use, But Never at the Expense of Stunning Beauty

Not only will you find wide-ranging variety in the look of their counter tops and in the blocks atop their kitchen furniture, you will also appreciate the diversity of styles and designs. Whether you’re in the market for an elegant butcher block island or table, or a magnificent heirloom butcher’s block that can double as fine furniture, you will find plenty of attractive options. Whether you’re seeking a traditional, authentic look; a rustic, country look; or a contemporary, urban look, you won’t be disappointed.  In fact, you might find it difficult to make up your mind. If that's the case, just give us a call and we'll try to help. After all, we're the "Experts in All Things Butcher Block!"

John Boos & Co. Is Committed to the Highest Quality and Environmental Standards

All Boos & Co. products are made in the U.S.A. using only the finest materials and in accordance with high standards for quality and preservation of our environment. For example, the company uses only renewing timbers that are abundant and sustainable. Trees are selected for harvesting one by one, thereby enabling forests to renew themselves over time. Plus, Boos recycles 95% of the scrap it generates, including sawdust, which is used as fuel for heating kilns and as bedding for livestock.

Boos wood stack

If you would like to see how Boos & Co. makes their world-famous Boos Blocks, check out this Boos video. You can learn about the history, marketing and manufacturing of John Boos butcher block products by reading our exclusive interview with Boos' VP of Sales and Marketing, Ted Gravenhorst.

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