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Prep Blocks

John Boos Butcher Blocks for Food Preparation Make Both Cooks and Kitchens Look Good

John Boos End-Grain Blocks Make Meal Preparation a Breeze

The Boos name is virtually synonymous with end-grain butcher blocks. It’s easy to discern end-grain blocks from others; they feature worktops that resemble checkerboards. Each individual rectangle on the board is the cut end of a wood rail; hence the term, “end-grain.” That means that the surface of each block is essentially millions of wood fibers, making it both strong and resilient. When the sharp edge of a knife or hatchet hits the work surface, the wood fibers cushion the blow. As a result, neither the wood surface nor the steel blade is demonstrably harmed.

Prep Block Thickness Ranges from Three to Sixteen Inches

Boos’ Jasmine Block – ideal for a quaint, country kitchen – sports a 3-inch-thick maple butcher block. At the other end of the spectrum is Boos’ classic “AA” Block. Its massive block is 16 inches thick! In between you’ll find a number of options at each of these thicknesses: 4 and 10 inches. Design varies widely across this collection. For example, leg styles include square, tapered and pencil. For some models you can even choose from 13 different stain and paint colors for the apron and legs of your standing block, enabling you to select a look that either blends in with the décor of your kitchen, dining room or foyer, or one that subtly or markedly contrasts.

Choose a Prep Station Block That Suits Your Style of Cooking

For instance, if you prepare different foods at different places around your kitchen, you might want to add wheels to the Boos Gourmet Block to make it portable. If you could use extra storage space for pots and pans and like the idea of always having your favorites near your work station, then a Pro Prep Block equipped with a pot rack might be just the solution for you. If you would also like a place to store utensils or place settings, consider the Jasmine, which comes with a spacious drawer as well as a shelf. A number of other models also include shelves, as well as towel bars.

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