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Industrial-Grade Wood Countertops

1.75" Thick Blended Maple Countertops for Workshops, Work Benches, Job Shops & Manufacturing Plants

1-3/4” Blended Maple Butcher Block Counters for Industry, Garages and Workshops

Say you like the sturdiness of butcher block but you wonder if it might be overkill for the work table or workbench you have in mind. These industrial-grade countertops made by John Boos, the leading manufacturer of butcher blocks, might be just the solution. With some color variation and a few knotholes, they’re not premium counters such as those found in high-end kitchens, but they sure get the job done, plus they cost a lot less. So why not enjoy the practical benefits of well-constructed butcher block counters and save a few bucks at the same time?

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