Customizable Wood Counter & Island Tops

California Closets selected Butcher Block Co. as its preferred supplier of butcher block counter and island tops because BB Co. can accommodate almost any request for a custom countertop, plus we make the process incredibly simple.

Customization Options Include Countertop Cutouts for Sinks and Stoves

If you’re contemplating a sink cutout or a stove cutout in your butcher block countertop or island top for a nearly seamless look for your kitchen counters, all you need to do is provide us drawings and dimensions for your cutout(s). You’ll have the opportunity to review and confirm specific plans for customizing your counters.

sink stove cutout

If Your Custom Wood Countertops Plan Calls for Angle Cuts, We’ve Got You Covered

Regardless whether you’re contemplating a 90-degree angle, two 45-degree turns or just about any other configuration, chances are we can make it happen. We can even supply you with the necessary hardware and installation instructions. Again, all you need do is share your ideas, intentions and desired specifications.

Edging Options for Your Custom Countertop

Butcher Block Co. offers five different edging styles. The standard edge finish is Eased - very lightly sanded to eliminate any sharp corners. Our Radius edge is rounded, with the imaginary circle's center ¼” in and ¼" down from the top of the counter’s edge. You can choose a radius-edge finish either just for the top of the edge, or for both the top and bottom of the edge. In adding our Bevel edge craftsmen essentially cut a triangle off the top corner of the edge, leaving a flat surface ½” wide. A bullnosed edge has a curved top and bottom, based on an imaginary circle with a ¾” radius. Your final option is what’s known as a Roman Ogee edge, which combines two linear surfaces with a double inflection point.

butcher block counter custom edging

Get an Instant Price Quote for a Straightforward Counter or Island Top Design

If your design does not involve a sink or stove cutout or angle cuts, you can use Butcher Block Co.’s custom calculator to get an instant price quote or to compare different types and/or grain styles. However, if your design is more complicated you will need to email us a simple sketch or a designer or contractor’s drawing. We will get back to you with any questions and ultimately, with a price quotation for your review and approval.

customizable countertop price quotes

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