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Knife Blocks and Holders

Gorgeous Magnetic Knife Blocks -  Products of Mother Nature, Finished by True Artisans 

A Knife Block Might be the Most Overlooked Kitchen Essential

Quick, name another kitchen item as essential yet overlooked as the knife block. Knife blocks are always there for us, protecting some of our most precious kitchen tools, but we hardly give them a second thought. Wishing to draw ample attention to knife blocks, the Butcher Block Co. is pleased to present some of the most beautiful knife blocks you've ever set eyes on. 

Artelegno’s Artisans Craft Stylish Magnetic Knife Blocks in Italy

Artelegno was founded in Italy over half a century ago. The company attributes its long-lived success to a keen focus on smooth lines and contemporary styling. European Beech is Artelegno’s Go-To wood. It’s a medium-to-heavy-weight wood that’s hard and very resistant to abrasion. Artelegno knife blocks are finished with food-safe, water-based protective varnishes.

Or Choose a Magnetic Knife Holder with a Live Edge or a Straight Edge  

The craftsmen at Created Hardwood work hand in hand with Nature to co-create magnificent knife-holding boards featuring live or straight edges that you will definitely want to put out on display. Not only will you wow family and friends privileged to set foot in your kitchen, you will enjoy having quick, easy access to your prized collection of kitchen knives.

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