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Knife Blocks

Gorgeous Artelego Magnetic Knife Blocks Designed by Artisans in Italy

Knife Blocks – the Most Overlooked of Your Kitchen Essentials

Quick, name another kitchen item as essential yet overlooked as the knife block. It’s just not fair. They’re always there for us, night and day, protecting some of our most precious stand-bys, still we hardly give them a second thought. That’s almost understandable, until now anyway. Butcher Block Co. is pleased to present to its American followers the Artelegno line of exquisite wood knife blocks.

Artelegno’s Specialty is Magnetic Blocks for Knives and Kitchen Utensils

In a market where it’s easy to be fooled by cheap imitations you can find reassurance in the fact that Artelegno was founded in Italy over half a century ago. How’s that for staying power? What has contributed to the company’s long-lived success is their keen focus on smooth lines and contemporary styling. And now, Butcher Block Co. is pleased to present to America the company’s most popular lines of magnetized knife blocks, including the Milano, Pisa, Venezia and Verona.

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