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Order of presentation: first BB Co., then John Boos.  Or see sample pics by species:  BB Co.  |  Boos 

BB Co. Brand Maple Edge Grain Custom Shuffleboard

Maple edge-grain butcher block

Steve crafted this spectacular shuffleboard table from Mahogany & Canary woods and ordered from Butcher Block Co. a Maple Edge Grain butcher block measuring 152” x 20” x 3”. He added a logo and number inlays and finished it off with epoxy. We salute Steve’s craftsmanship!

BB Co. Brand Ash End Grain Kitchen Island Top

Maple Plank kitchen island top

This 3” thick end-grain island top is nicely complemented by coordinated wooden shelves.

BB Co. Brand Maple Plank Unfinished

Maple Plank kitchen island top

Tiffany’s NY home boasts two beautiful kitchen islands. The Maple plank island top in the foreground was stained to match the her kitchen hood and floating shelves.

BB Co. Brand Walnut Edge Grain Butcher Block

Walnut Edge Grain kitchen island top

This kitchen island with seating is the focal point of Kelly’s New Jersey kitchen. It’s topped off with an 84” x 60” x 3” edge-grain walnut butcher block.

BB Co. Brand Hickory Custom Cutting Boards

Hickory Custom Cutting Boards

Gary ordered two identical 2-inch-thick Hickory cutting boards. He keeps them accessible on his stove top as a clever way expand his work space and keep his countertops clutter-free.

BB Co. Brand White Oak Plank-Style Counter

White Oak Plank Countertop

Jenna finished off her spectacular game room with a 133-inch-long full-wall buffet topped with White Oak Plank.

BB Co. Brand Maple Edge Grain Prep Counter

Maple Edge-Grain Prep Countertop

Marjorie created a very functional food prep space with this Maple edge grain countertop adjacent to her quartz countertop.

BB Co. Brand Hickory Edge Grain Kitchen Island Top

 Birch kitchen island top

Mike’s beautiful Hickory edge-grain island top is 2.5” thick and 50” long and finished with conversion varnish for added durability.

BB Co. Brand Birch Plank, Unfinished

 Birch plank countertop

Mike ordered an unfinished Birch Plank-style top then stained and finished it to create this custom bench in his MN home.

BB Co. Brand Birch Edge Grain Island Top

 Birch edge grain kitchen island

We sure appreciate Laura from Chicago, who sent us this picture and wrote. “The butcher block got here quickly, was packaged carefully and the product was beautiful. Would definitely order from your company again. Thank you very much!”

BB Co. Brand Brazilian Cherry Custom Cutting Board with Juice Groove

 Brazilian cherry custom cutting board

Brazilian Cherry is a gorgeous wood that found its rightful home in this absolutely stunning Georgia kitchen. Sandra ordered a custom juice groove in her huge 48” x 24” cutting board.

BB Co. Brand Hickory Plank Island Top with a Sink Cutout

hickory plank kitchen island

Jennette says …”please pass on my gratitude to those who crafted this beautiful piece. It truly is a work of art! “ We agree, this 99”L x 63” wide hickory plank island top is absolutely gorgeous in her Washington state kitchen.

BB Co. Brand Cherry Plank Buffet Top

cherry plank buffet top

Our creative customer, Megan, topped this buffet with cherry plank to help free up other counter space in her tiny kitchen and still have access to her appliances.

BB Co. Brand Maple Countertop Remodel

maple butcher block wood countertop

Gabriel’s before and after photos show the transformation maple butcher block can make in your kitchen. Add a bright and airy feel to any space.

BB Co. Brand Walnut Plank Island Top

walnut plank island top

Thanks Yvonne, for sharing pictures of your beautiful new island upgrade with a custom size walnut plank top.

BB Co. Brand Walnut End Grain Cart Top, 3 Inches Thick

3 inch thick end-grain walnut wood countertop

Mary Ann found an old cart at a garage sale and painted the base and installed this lovely walnut butcher block. It serves an island in her small CA kitchen.

BB Co. Brand Hand-scraped Walnut Plank Custom Cutting Board

custom-size walnut plank cutting board

Sam ordered a large, reversible walnut plank cutting board with a hand-scraped finish on one side for “display” and a regular cutting surface on the other.

BB Co. Brand Hickory Edge Grain Top

edge-grain hickory butcher block

Thanks, Gale, for sharing pictures of your lovely Illinois kitchen, featuring your new hickory edge grain butcher block island top.

BB Co. Brand 3-Inch-Thick Edge-Grain White Oak

white oak butcher block top

Joshua created this wonderful patio entertaining space and incorporated a 3” thick white oak butcher block accent piece.

BB Co. Brand Maple Countertop

maple butcher block countertop

Robert, from Florida, created a terrific prep space, with everything he needs organized and within reach. What a beautiful backsplash, too!

BB Co. Brand Red Oak Island Top

red oak edge grain butcherblock

Raymond from NH ordered this custom size red oak edge grain top to fit his very unique island buffet.

BB Co. Brand Edge-Grain Ash Countertop

ash butcher block countertop

James installed this ash butcher block in his customer’s class A motor home. They wanted to know what they could do with that counter space to make it more user friendly. Works great!

BB Co. Brand Poplar Top

poplar butcher block kitchen island

Our creative customer, Greg, topped his baker’s rack with this poplar edge grain butcher block creating a stunning (and functional) piece of furniture for his kitchen.

BB Co. Brand Edge-Grain Maple Island Top

maple butcher block island

Create a focal point in your kitchen with a colorful island topped with butcher block, as Rob has done in his California home.

BB Co. 2” Thick Maple Edge Grain Island Top

maple edge-grain island

Seth has a great eye for design as seen in his recent remodeled kitchen. It features this hefty custom maple butcher block island top, geometric tile backsplash and pot filler behind his stove!

BB Co. Brazilian Cherry Edge Grain Island Top

brazilian cherry edge-grain island

Cindi topped her island with this gorgeous Brazilian Cherry edge grain butcher block.

BB Co. Walnut Plank Custom Shelves

walnut custom shelves

We enjoy sharing our customer’s creative butcher block projects, like these shelves Bob made to help organize his kitchen.

BB Co. Maple Edge-Grain Countertops with Varnish Finish

maple edge-grain countertop varnish

DIYer, Ily, remodeled her modern Arizona kitchen featuring gorgeous Maple countertops with conversion varnish.

BB Co. American Cherry Plank-Style Island Top

american cherry plank-style island top

This huge multi-use island top is 14 feet long and 5 feet wide. It is absolutely stunning in Rick’s Michigan home.

BB Co. Walnut Plank-Style 1.75” Thick

walnut plank-style floating vanity

A less traditional use of plank-style tops was used for Linda’s beautiful floating vanity top. Consider ordering with Waterlox finish when installed in bathrooms.

BB Co. Beech Plank-Style with Varnish Finish for Bakers’ Pantry

beech plank-style countertop

Storage galore for this baker’s dream pantry. Beech is a beautiful and affordable wood and a nice change from maple.

BB Co. White Oak Plank-Style Tops

white oak plank-style top

Larry ordered custom size unfinished plank-style tops so he could finish it himself and install for his clients bedroom desktops.

BB Co. Custom Radius Maple Edge-Grain Top

maple edge-grain top

Paul designed this 93”L custom butcher block with a radius edge to exactly fit this buffet in his client space.

BB Co. Maple 1.75” Thick Edge-Grain Countertop

maple edge-grain countertop

Liz loves the new butcher block countertop she added to her small, but mighty nook upgrade.

BB Co. White Oak Edge-Grain Island Top

white oak edge-grain island top

This vintage piece of furniture was topped with a 2.25” thick white oak edge grain butcher block to create a fabulous new kitchen island.

BB Co. Hickory Plank-Style

hickory plank-style island top

Tyra’s Florida kitchen features a hickory plank-style kitchen island top, plus custom hickory planks to create the matching range hood.

BB Co. Maple Edge-Grain Peninsula Top

maple edge-grain peninsula top

This 121” x 44” maple top creates a very streamlined look in Jeremy’s lovely Massachusetts home. His unique base cabinet design allows for seating while supporting the butcher block overhang sufficiently.

BB Co. Ash Edge-Grain Countertop

ash edge-grain top with sink cutout

Ash wood has a spectacular grain pattern, as seen in this edge grain top Erica installed in her Oregon home. We hope more people discover the beauty of Ash.

BB Co. Custom Cutting Board

 maple plank cutting board

Nancy ordered a custom cutting board from 1” thick maple planks. She has created a spectacular food-prep work space in her Illinois kitchen.

BB Co. Custom Red Oak Kitchen Island Top

red oak kitchen island top

Jon topped his portable kitchen island with a new red oak, edge grain butcher block.

BB Co. Custom Red Oak Edge Grain Butcher Block Countertop

oak edge-grain butcher block counters

Our talented customer, John, handcrafted kitchen cabinetry and crown molding and ordered a matching Red Oak butcher block top for his custom shelving unit.

BB Co. Brazilian Cherry Plank Island Bar

brazilian cherry alder restaurant dinner table

Roy ordered 3 Brazilian Cherry plank-style tops, then executed miter cuts to join them into this luscious kitchen bar top! Note the simple but classy corbels he used to provide support for the top.

BB Co. Knotty Alder Table Top

knotty alder restaurant dinner table

GTC Design, in San Diego, shared with us the finished table they created for the interior of this new Italian restaurant…Stunning!

BB Co. Oak Plank-Style Island Top

oak plank kitchen island top

David ordered his top unfinished, and applied stain and six coats of polyurethane for this spectacular island top. Nicely done!

BB Co. 4” Thick Maple Edge Grain Butcher Block

edge-grain maple butcher block island top

Phil ordered a 4”-thick butcher block to top his stainless steel kitchen island. Clever.

BB Co. Custom Hand Scraped Walnut Plank Island Top

Walnut Plank Hand Scraped

Diane told us this walnut plank-style top was just what she hoped it would be...Beautiful color and quality!

BB Co. American Cherry Edge Grain Butcher Block

Am Cherry Edge Grain Butcher Block

Kathy had a pantry specially built for her and just LOVES the custom Cherry butcher block she chose for it. Certainly on-trend!

BB Co. 2.5" Thick Walnut Edge Grain Island Top with Beveled Edges

Walnut Edge Grain Butcher Block

Ryan's talent shines through in this kitchen remodel using Walnut Edge Grain tops. He did his own farm sink cutout and island top installation. Very classy!

BB Co. Hickory Plank-Style Island Top and Countertops

Hickory Plank Style

Victoria did this full kitchen remodel with plank style hickory. Custom cuts were ordered for the center island and surrounding countertops.

BB Co. Custom American Cherry Edge Grain Top

American Cherry Edge Grain

DIYer Rich shared photos of his new kitchen, including this 10.5 ft buffet featuring Cherry Edge grain with custom cuts and varnish finish.

BB Co. Walnut Plank-Style Island Top

Walnut Plank Style

Grace upgraded her kitchen island with a custom walnut plank-style top with beveled edges, creating a sophisticated focal point for her New York kitchen.

BB Co. Knotty Alder 2.5" Thick Edge Grain Butcher Block

Knotty Alder Edge Grain Butcher Block

Knotty Alder is growing in popularity! Look how gorgeous it is in Brandi's Missouri home. This 96"L x 50"W top is a true statement piece! 

BB Co. 1.75" Thick Hickory Plank Style Kitchen Island Top

Walnut Plank butcher block top

David, from Nevada, created this focal point in his kitchen with a top made of hickory - a wood species with much color and character. 

BB Co. Walnut Plank Style Top

Walnut Plank butcher block top

Our creative customer, Ksenia, topped her stone ledger fireplace wall with this walnut plank style top. Very clever. 

BB Co. Custom Hand Scraped Walnut Plank Style Bar Top

Walnut Plank butcher block bar top

Scott, from PA, outfitted his bar with two custom size Plank Style tops with a conversion varnish finish. It looks very inviting. Cheers! 

BB Co. Custom Brazilian Cherry Edge Grain Butcher Block Island Top 

Brazilian cherry  butcher block island top

Kathleen, in Texas, says her beautiful kitchen island top is perfect! And she is so pleased with the "excellent workmanship." 

BB Co. American Cherry Edge Grain Butcher Block Island Top 

American cherry  butcher block island top

Bob, our customer in Hawaii, created this kitchen island with a cherry on top! American Cherry Edge Grain butcher block, that is! 

BB Co. Custom Red Oak Edge Grain Butcher Block Island Top

red oak butcher block top

Jim says he gets lots of compliments on his new butcher block island top he recently installed in his California home. It is both functional and beautiful. 

BB Co. Custom Knotty Alder, Hand Scraped and Stained Island Top 

maple island top

Amie stained her Knotty Alder Plank Style island top to match her walnut colored cabinets, then finished with a glossy varnish. She created a spectacular kitchen in her California home.

BB Co. Custom 2" Thick Maple Edge Grain Island Top 

maple island top

DIYer Monica, from Wisconsin, refinished an old dresser to match her new kitchen cabinets. Then she topped it with a maple butcher block to create a quaint and functional island with seating. Very charming!

BB Co. Custom 3" Thick American Cherry End Grain Butcher Block Island Top 

cherry end grain butcher block top

Karen had an existing console table that fit perfectly in her Savannah kitchen, but wanted a butcher block top. She ordered an island top 73"L x 18"W and mounted it to her table. 

BB Co. Custom Beech Butcher Block, 4.5" Thick

beech butcher block top

DIYer Elise, from Maryland, refinished the base of an old end table, added wheels, and topped it with a hefty 4.5" Thick Hand-scraped Beech Butcher Block, creating this delightful kitchen island cart.

BB Co. Custom Walnut Plank Butler's Pantry

walnut plank butlers pantry

Wow! Three custom countertops help to create this spectacular Butler's Pantry for Amanda's California home. Features a Roman Ogee Edge across the front and mineral oil finish.

BB Co. Custom Beech Edge-Grain Island Top

beech edge grain island top

Check out this fix-and-flip remodeled kitchen sent in by our happy customer, Tammy from Arizona. Beech is a beautiful hard wood and an affordable alternative to maple.

BB Co. Custom Edge-Grain Maple Island Top Insert

maple butcher block in quartz

We love Walter's kitchen remodel, including our custom edge-grain butcher block top with varnish finish inset into his quartz countertop. Creates a lovely breakfast bar. Cute puppy not included.

BB Co. Custom Walnut Island Top Overlay

walnut edge grain island top

Cindy married walnut edge grain butcher block with her slate countertop, to create a clever work area at the end of her island. 

BB Co. Plank-Style American Cherry Island Top

american cherry plank top

Teresa from Tennessee is so proud of her island top upgrade. Even though she ordered it with an oil finish, it may be too pretty to cut on! 

BB Co. Maple Edge Grain Dining Booth

maple edge grain butcher block

Strandberg Custom Homes & Designs in WA created this floating table with benches from maple butcher block using mortised steel supports & channel steel. 

BB Co. Plank-Style Walnut Breakfast Bar with Handscraped Finish

walnut plank style hand scraped countertop

Kelly created a 7 foot long breakfast bar in her Hermosa Beach home, featuring this rustic looking handscraped walnut plank-style top. 

BB Co. Custom 3" Thick Hickory Edge-Grain Kitchen Countertop

custom hickory countertop

William ordered this hefty 3" thick countertop unfinished and finished it himself. Hickory is a very hard wood with pretty grain patterns. A lovely addition to this quaint kitchen.

BB Co. Quartersawn Red Oak Plank-Style Island Top

Red Oak Quartersawn Plank Style Top

Melissa, from Georgia, topped her unique kitchen island with plank-style quartersawn Red Oak. It makes for a beautiful focal point in her kitchen.

BB Co. 1.75" Thick Maple Plank-Style Top

Maple Plank Style Top

Chris sent pictures of this kitchen cart customized with a Maple Plank Style top. Clever.

BB Co. Maple Plank-Style Top

Maple Plank Style Top

Anthony, from California, ordered his plank style top unfinished. He did the under-mount sink cutout and finished the island top onsite. Nice work!

BB Co. Supplied This Custom Walnut Plank Island Top

custom walnut plank countertop

Jeffrey built his own kitchen island with storage and seating. We love his clever design for storing wine bottles. And he topped it off with our own Walnut Plank Countertop.


John Boos Custom Walnut Edge Grain Island Top

Walnut Butcher Block Kitchen Island

Kristi went with a Boos Walnut Edge Grain butcher block island top for her gorgeous Tennessee home. It seems to be the perfect choice, as it blends nicely with the island’s base and her kitchen flooring, and is complemented by her walnut table, range hood and ceiling beams.

John Boos Country Work Table

Blended Walnut Country Work Table

Susan added a Boos Country Work Table, which features edge-grain Maple butcher block, for her South Carolina kitchen. She chose Useful Gray Stain as the color for the table’s base. It blends beautifully with her gray countertops and flooring!

John Boos Blended Walnut Country Work Table

Blended Walnut Country Work Table

Dan and Lisa chose this John Boos Blended Walnut Country Work Table with a Slate Gray base to become the focal point of their gorgeous kitchen. Plus, it’s super practical for all their food prep!

John Boos Maple Edge-Grain Butcher Block

Maple edge-grain island top

Christine upgraded her nifty kitchen island by replacing its dated top with a lovely Boos Maple Edge-Grain butcher block top. She managed to maintain its vintage foundation while enhancing the beauty and utility of the overall island.

John Boos Standard-Size Oak Edge Grain Peninsula Top

Maple edge-grain island top

Mary Edna has a really wonderful kitchen peninsula with ample work, dining and seating space. It’s now topped with a standard-size Oak Edge Grain Top that’s 84”L x 42”W.

John Boos Standard Size Maple Edge Grain Countertop

Maple edge-grain island top

Suzette has created a spacious butcher-block food prep area using a standard-size Maple Edge Grain countertop 84” long by 25” wide.

John Boos Blended Maple Butcher Block Countertops

blended maple countertop with sink cutout

Sali, from Washington state, chose blended maple Boos countertops for her lovely kitchen remodel.

John Boos Cantilevered Maple Edge Grain Island Top

maple kitchen island with seating

Corey’s updated kitchen island features edge-grain maple butcher block with a cantilevered side that accommodates bar stools.

John Boos Blended Walnut Standard Size Butcher Block

walnut butcher block for laundry room

Rebecca updated her laundry room with this beautiful blended walnut butcher block top with a Varnique finish. Perfect for folding laundry!

John Boos Round Walnut Dining Table Top

round walnut butcher block table top

Anne shared this picture of her gorgeous 54”-diameter walnut edge-grain dining table top in her Nevada kitchen. Simply beautiful.

John Boos AA Standing Butcher Block

John Boos AA block

Karen and her dog, Taylor, both approve of their new Boos Block kitchen addition.

John Boos Commercial Butcher Block Island Top

commercial maple butcher block island top

Mary chose 1.75”-thick commercial-grade blended maple butcher block to top her 96”L kitchen island.

John Boos Maple Edge Grain Top Postitioned atop Kitchen Counter

giant maple cutting board

Peggy found an easy solution for her food-prep needs. She bought a maple butcher block that serves as a countertop as well as a giant cutting board.

John Boos Gathering Block III

john boos gathering block

Yes, we sell furniture, too. As seen by Laura’s maple butcher block island table with black base. She is happy with how sturdy and beautiful it is.

John Boos Standard Size Maple Island Top

standard maple island top

Debra and Ken “absolutely love” their new maple butcher block top for their kitchen island. It provides great work space and is beautiful, too!

John Boos Breakfast Bar and Pub Style Stools

breakfast bar and pub style stools

Cathy created a cozy seating area in her kitchen with the Boos Breakfast bar and Foundry Collection swivel stools. Very inviting!

John Boos Maple Blended Custom Countertops

maple blended grain countertop

Our clever customer, Nora, maximizes space in her tiny 450 sq. ft. condo, with this maple butcher block countertop and extendable leaf she designed!

Custom John Boos Blended Oak Kitchen Island Top

maple edge-grain countertop varnish

This 84” long blended oak butcher block island top is absolutely stunning in Kathy’s Michigan home.

John Boos 3” Thick Maple End Grain Island Block

boos maple end grain island

Lucas supported this heft butcher block with apron, sturdy legs and base cabinet in his spectacular country-style TN home.

John Boos Maple Country Work Table with Slate Gray Base

boos oak country work table useful gray

“We love our new John Boos Butcherblock table!!!! They did an unbelievable job, such high quality”, says Mike from Florida.

John Boos Oak “OC” Country Work Table in Useful Gray Stain

boos oak country work table useful gray

Chris choice of Useful Gray stain perfectly complements his beautiful updated Maryland kitchen.

Custom John Boos Walnut Edge Countertops

boos walnut edge countertops

This butler’s pantry showcases a less traditional, yet clever, use for butcher block. Kathleen and her client, Carolyn, designed this for her Los Angeles home.

John Boos Oak “OC” Country Work Table with Black Base

boos oak country work table black

Sue chose this beautiful red oak country work table to add warmth to her transitional style kitchen.

John Boos Oak “OC” Country Work Table featuring Spicy Latte color

boos oak country work table

This Spicy Latte kitchen island table fits the overall décor of the surrounding room in Karen’s New Hampshire kitchen.

John Boos Blended Walnut Countertops

boos walnut blended countertop

Mark completed restoration of his 200-year-old farmhouse kitchen, which included blended walnut butcher block countertops throughout. Simply lovely.

John Boos Walnut Country Work Table

boos walnut country work table

The Walnut table with Alabaster base supplies a beautiful and functional finishing touch to Beth’s Nevada kitchen.

John Boos Standard Size Maple Edge Grain Top

Boos Maple Edge Countertop

George revitalized a 40-year-old hand crafted desk by topping it with a maple edge grain butcher block to make it a functional work table while maintaining the character of this keepsake.

John Boos Standard Size Cherry Blended Countertop

Boos Cherry Blended Countertop

Small projects can be very rewarding. Like Janet’s new blended Cherry butcher block countertop.

John Boos Le Rustica Butcher Block Island Table

Boos Le Rustica Island Table

This classy Le Rustica kitchen island features a 4” thick Cherry end grain top on black base. A showstopper in Joanne’s PA kitchen.

John Boos Custom 1.75” Thick Maple Top

Boos maple edge-grain kitchen island

Devin’s recent kitchen remodel included a large 77” x 36” edge-grain maple butcher block island top that's perfect for food prep and dining.

John Boos Standard Size Walnut Butcher Block

Boos walnut edge-grain kitchen island

Audra’s clever, multi-functional island includes a built-in microwave and an enclosed bookshelf, topped with a beautiful walnut edge grain butcher block.

John Boos Standard-Size Blended Maple Island Top

Boos maple blended-grain kitchen island

Beth replaced two cutting boards on her island with this large blended-grain maple butcher block top, which provides a clean, continuous work surface and makes food prep a breeze!

John Boos Maple Edge Grain Island Top With Radiused Corners

Boos maple edge-grain kitchen island

Jeffrey renovated this 1960’s ranch-style home, adding a beautiful maple butcher block island top with a Varnique finish. He used hidden island brackets to support the cantilevered overhang that accommodates seated diners. Nicely done!

John Boos Blended-grain Walnut Countertops

Boos blended walnut butcher block counters

Patty created a coffee bar on one side of her refrigerator and a happy hour bar on the other! A perfect pairing for her classy Florida kitchen.

John Boos Custom Maple Edge Grain 1.75” Thick Butcher Block

Boos maple butcher block island

Measuring 76”L x 60”W, this huge kitchen island is the show stopper in Janet’s lovely Arizona home.

John Boos End-Grain Maple Grazzi Table

Boos maple Grazzi butcher block table

Steve's new Boos Grazzi island features a 2.25”-thick top that's 60” long and 28” wide. Constructed in end-grain style, it's durable enough for food prep, yet gorgeous enough for entertaining.

John Boos Custom Blended Walnut Butcher Block Island Top

Boos blended walnut kitchen island top

Amy reports she “absolutely loves” her new kitchen island top - an extra-large walnut blended-grain Boos butcher block. It's quite the conversation piece in her Michigan home.

John Boos Maple “C” Country Work Table with a Bistro Style Stool

Boos Maple Country Work Table

This versatile 48” x 30” butcher block work table serves as an art table for Kathleen’s acrylic painting. She added a counter-height Boos Bistro-Style stool to complete her work space.

John Boos Standard-Size Blended Cherry Kitchen Island Top

Boos blended cherry kitchen island

Sharon topped her kitchen island with a 60” x 36” blended cherry butcher block. With a pot rack above and a wine rack below, she makes efficient use of her kitchen space!

John Boos Blended Maple Butcher Block Island Table Top

Boos blended maple kitchen island

Randy and his wife designed and created this lovely work table topped with a maple butcher block, which is a focal point of their newly remodeled Kansas kitchen.

Boos Blended Maple Island Top

Boos blended maple kitchen island top

We love Paul's kitchen remodel which included new butcher block for the kitchen island. Paul says he was very pleased with our product and service.

John Boos Standard Size Edge Grain Maple Desktop

Boos edge grain maple desk top

DIYer Phillip created this clever sawhorse desk in his home office using two standards size countertops with a Varnique finish. We love the concept!

John Boos Walnut Blended Grain Island Top

Boos walnut blended-grain countertop

Jordan topped this island with a custom size blended walnut butcher block. Look how well the butcher block complements the flooring in this very inviting kitchen!

Boos Standard Size Walnut Edge Grain Countertop

Boos walnut edge-grain countertop

The color and grain is gorgeous on this walnut countertop Chris installed in this California home.

John Boos Commercial Maple Island Top, 1.75” Thick

Boos commercial maple countertop

Robert created his own unique kitchen island by adding a Boos Commercial maple top to an antique cabinet from a local church in Michigan.

Boos Blended Maple Island Top with Custom Cutout

Blended Maple Island Top

Sara shared with us her client’s finished kitchen. This butcher block island makes for a perfect gathering place and food prep space. Love the blue cabinets, too. Very on-trend.

John Boos Standard Size Oak Butcher Block Island Top

oak butcher block island top

A Red Oak Edge Grain butcher block tops this beautifully built kitchen island.

John Boos Maple Edge Grain Butcher Block Top

edge-grain Maple Island Top

Our happy customer, Alex, was impressed with our butcher block and we are impressed by his installation – a great example of how to properly support an overhang. Love the shiplap island and the dove gray cabinets, too.

Boos Standard-Size Maple Butcher Block Table Top - 3”-Thick Edge Grain

edge-grain Maple Table Top

Daniel's Do-It-Yourself kitchen table features this hefty John Boos butcher block top with a varnique finish.

John Boos Maple Country Work Table with a Slate-Gray Base

Boos Maple Country Work Table

This work table works beautifully in Judy’s Kansas kitchen, It "extends" her countertops and expands her storage space.

John Boos Custom Sink Cutout in a Blended Walnut Kitchen Island

Blended Walnut Island Top

The Wilsons, in Carlsbad, shared this lovely picture of their island top after installation. Simply magnificent! 

John Boos Maple Edge Grain Island Top with Varnique Finish

Maple Edge Island Top

We love this on-trend Midwest kitchen! To top it off, Michael added a maple butcher block island top. So inviting! 

John Boos Blended Walnut Butcher Block

Blended Walnut Table  Top

Martin refreshed an old historic work table that was used in a family bakery in Minnesota, by topping the base with a new walnut butcher block. What's old is new again. 

John Boos Standard Size Edge Grain Maple Butcher Block

Blended Walnut Island Top

Our talented friend Kaleb, from Washington, has designed another piece using butcher block and metal - a very clever drafting table. 

John Boos Custom Round Maple Edge Grain Butcher Block

Maple Edge Grain

This solid 1.75" thick top with Tuff-Var varnish serves as a clever platform for this speed bag designed by our customer, Glen. 

Custom Size Blended Maple Butcher Block Island Top by John Boos

Blended Maple Island Top

Adam ordered a custom size blended maple island top with a Varnique semi-gloss finish. What a stunning addition to this gorgeous and modern Arizona kitchen. 

Blended Walnut Butcher Block Island Top by John Boos

Blended Walnut Island Top

This standard size John Boos blended walnut butcher block was a clever upgrade in Vivian's kitchen, extending the existing island for more food prep and dining space.

John Boos Standard Size Blended Maple Countertops

Blended Maple Countertops

Nick, a contractor in the NW, recently completed this stunning kitchen remodel by customizing, on site, four standard size blended maple butcher block countertops.  

John Boos Customized Blended Maple Island Top

Custom Blended Maple Island Top

We customized this island top to include beveled edges and clipped corners for our customer, Tracey, from Minnesota. Wow! What a spectacular gathering place she has created.  

Maple Edge Grain 1.75" Thick Butcher Block Island Top by John Boos

Maple Edge Grain Island Top

Lisa outfitted her island with a hefty 1.75" thick maple edge grain butcher block which blends nicely with her rustic wood countertops and open shelves in her Oregon kitchen. 

John Boos Standard Size Walnut Edge Grain Butcher Block Island Top

Walnut Edge Grain Island Top

A walnut edge grain butcher block with Varnique finish contrasts beautifully with the white cabinets in Alecia's Illinois home! 

John Boos Custom Size Maple Edge Grain Butcher Block Island Top

Maple Edge Grain Island Top

Robin, from Nevada, wrote to tell us how much she LOVES her new butcher block island top. We agree - it looks lovely! 

Custom Size Maple Edge Grain Butcher Block Island Top by John Boos

Maple Edge Grain Island Top

Kimberly, from MD, is so proud of her new kitchen island! She topped it with a custom size maple butcher block with beveled edges. Simply beautiful. 

Boos Custom Miter Cut Maple Edge Grain Countertops

Maple Edge Grain Couuntertops

Oregon homeowner, Gail, did a spectacular renovation in her kitchen. She ordered 3 maple edge grain countertops with custom miters and did the sink cutout on site. 

John Boos Walnut Edge Grain Butcher Block Island Top

WalnutEdge Grain Varnique Island Top

The island is the focal point of Lynda's kitchen with this walnut edge grain butcher block top. We love the warmth of walnut with the contrasting light cabinetry!  

Standard Size Maple Edge Grain Butcher Block Countertops by John Boos

Maple Edge Grain Varnique Countertops

Rachele, from Long Island, made her own custom "long island" using two maple butcher block tops with Varnique finish. Wowza!  

Standard Size Cherry Blended Grain Butcher Block Island Top by John Boos

Cherry Blended Island top

Katherine's favorite feature of her kitchen redo is her center island butcher block top. She says it is almost too beautiful to cut on!  

John Boos Custom Size Maple Edge Grain Butcher Block Countertops

Maple Edge Grain Varnique Countertops

Bettie, from MO, loves her new John Boos maple butcher block kitchen counters. And we love the look with her gorgeous tile backspash!  

John Boos Standard Size Cherry End Grain Butcher Block Island Top

Cherry End Grain Island top

Darin and his wife love their new cherry end grain kitchen island top with John Boos logo and decorative plugs. The island makes for a charming gathering place in their kitchen!

John Boos Maple Edge Grain Butcher Block Island Top

Maple Edge Grain cutting board Island top

Doug retrofitted his current kitchen island top with a large butcher block cutting board, giving him valuable work space for food prep.  

John Boos Custom Size End Grain Maple Butcher Block Island Top

Blended Maple Countertops

Tim, from Colorado, topped his rolling Kennedy Tool Chest, with a maple end grain butcher block. Making his own drawer inserts, Tim created the perfect portable kitchen island!  

John Boos "C" Classic Country Work Table with Alabaster base

C Classic maple country work table

Christina, from New Hampshire, says this is "a beautiful, high quality piece of furniture that I will enjoy for many years."  

John Boos Custom Baker's Table - Maple Butcher Block with Stainless Steel Base

custom bakers table

Anna designed this custom baker's table of her dreams for her Florida home. It is an impressive 14 feet long and includes drawers, shelves and cooling rack! Very impressive.  

John Boos Blended Maple Countertop - Before and After

blended maple countertop

Wesley turned a small prep space into a larger work area with the addition of a 42"L x 27"W butcher block island top!  

John Boos "OC" Oak Country Work Table with Black Base

OC oak country work table

Stacy, from Macon Georgia, describes her table as "awesome and gorgeous." This 36"L x 25"W table serves as a small, working island in her kitchen.

John Boos Maple Edge Grain Butcher Block Island Top

walnut island top

Kathryn, from New York, "Loves, loves, loves it!" We think her new island top creates a perfect gathering place in her beautiful kitchen. 

John Boos Walnut Edge Grain Butcher Block Island Top

walnut island top

Sarah, from New Hampshire, replaced a tile counter with this beautiful walnut countertop on her kitchen island. She couldn't be happier with the finished product! 

John Boos Hefty 4" thick Maple End Grain Butcher Block 

maple end grain butcher block top

Our DIY customer, Kaleb from Washington, designed and created this industrial style coffee table featuring a hefty 4" end grain butcher block. Very creative! 

Boos Gathering Block III, with a Black Painted Base

gathering block III

Phil, from Oregon, shared with us his beautiful 48" x 24" x 4" maple end grain Gathering Block III which serves as a perfect kitchen island for food prep.

Boos "OC" Blended Oak Country Work Table, with a French Roast Colored Base

maple butcher block in quartz

A beautiful and functional addition to this "craft" room, this Oak Country Work Table was ordered with casters, drawer, and three handy storage baskets.

Custom-Size Blended Walnut Island Top with a Custom Cutout, from Boos & Co.

blended walnut countertop custom

Bryan ordered his top custom made for his island, including the ingenious scrap hole cutout. A 1.75" top with oil finish makes this butcher block a work horse in his Georgia kitchen. 

A Standard-Size Boos Butcher Block Countertop

blended maple countertop

This 36" x 27" countertop may be on the small side, but it is mighty! It serves as a great workcenter in Joanne's Florida kitchen. 

Boos Standard-Size Blended Walnut Butcher Block Island Top

blended walnut standard countertop

No customization was required to get this beautiful look in Rachel's Colorado home. This 8 foot long beauty of a top completes her kitchen island family gathering place. 

Boos Butcher Block Island Top, Featuring Blended Walnut

blended walnut custom countertop

This stunning 1.75" thick butcher block island top is the focal point of Sue's beautiful Illinois kitchen. 

Maple Edge-Grain Butcher Block with Custom Angle Cuts - A Boos Specialty

custom maple countertop

Eliud ordered 3 custom countertops to complete her kitchen, including one with an angle cut to fit her corner. She chose to run the grain pattern all in one direction, too.

1.5" Thick Maple Edge-Grain Butcher Block, Customized by Boos for a Steel Kitchen Cart

maple countertop

Michael created his own kitchen cart by adding a butcher block top to this handsome stainless steel rollaway.  Great storage for all his cutlery!

Custom Maple Edge Grain Island top 1.75" Thick, with Corner Cutout

maple island top

Jennifer specially ordered this countertop with eased edges and corners and with a "clipped" cutout adjacent to her sink for easy passageway. Great work space and gathering place.

Standard-Size Cherry Island Top by John Boos - 1.75" Thick, in Edge-Grain Style, with a Stovetop Cutout

cherry edge grain countertop

David ordered a standard size countertop and made a cutout on site for his drop in stove top. Designed as a work center on one side, and a breakfast bar with seating on the other side.

Custom-Size Walnut Edge-Grain Tops Make Beautiful Desks for Offices and Kitchens

custom walnut desk

Jerome made his own very modern office desks from custom walnut butcher block and custom stainless steel bases supports.

Boos Round Dining Table Top in Maple Edge-Grain, 54 Inches in Diameter

round maple dining table

This 1.75" thick maple butcher block makes a sturdy and attractive dining table top in Vicki's California home.

A Boos Blended Maple Butcher Block Finishes off This DIYer's Kitchen Table with Seating

kitchen table with seating

Thomas crafted his own kitchen table by making the table legs and shelf, topping it with a standard size maple countertop with Varnique finish.

This Walnut Edge-Grain Boos Countertop Features a Varnique Finish

boos walnut countertop

The rich warmth of walnut butcher block contrasts nicely with the white cabinets and wainscoting in Marjorie's kitchen makeover.

Boos Custom 1.75" Thick Maple Island Top, in Edge-Grain Style

custom maple island top

The focal point of Christina's Las Vegas kitchen is this center island featuring a beautiful and sturdy butcher block work surface.

Blended Walnut Countertop, Custom-Made by John Boos

blended walnut countertop

Elizabeth's spectacular California kitchen marries butcher block with other modern materials in this recent remodel.

Maple Edge Grain Island Top, Custom-made by Boos, Featuring a Stovetop Cutout

custom walnut desk

This 1.75" thick maple butcher block island is the work "center" for this kitchen.

Boos Walnut Edge-Grain Dining Table Tops Are Perfect for Restaurants Too

custom walnut desk

Resort Interiors of Myrtle Beach, SC handled the re-designed for Edgar’s Hermano Restaurant in Houston, Texas.

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