John Boos Species & Style Gallery

Boos Maple Edge-Grain Counters

Boos maple counter tops

This edge-grain maple counter top provides a soft and pleasing look.
 Each wood stave is nearly uniform in coloration, creating a linear
array of yellows, tans and browns that nicely complements the
light-tan tile wall and white cabinets.


Boos maple island top

Maple edge-grain looks equally great atop this dark kitchen
island. The striking contrast of light against dark draws
attention to the island. Each maple strip runs the full length of
the block and contributes its unique color signature.

Boos Cherry Edge-Grain Counter Extensions for Dining

cherry dining counter

Cherry provides a darker, richer look than maple, making it a great
choice for tables and counters intended for dining. This countertop
abuts an island, providing convenient dining space. Once again,
edge-grain construction style ensures a linear and uniform look. 


edge-grain cherry counter extension

Here’s another edge-grain cherry butcher block that effectively
extends the kitchen's counters, albeit at a height more suitable for dining. 
It's tucked neatly into a corner where the backside of cabinets meet an
adjacent wall. Note how cherry works equally well in light, bright settings.

Other Clever Uses of Boos Cherry Butcher Blocks

end-grain cherry chopping block on island

An end-grain cherry butcher block secured to this granite
kitchen island top provides the chef with a convenient spot
for meal preparation with close proximity to the island sink.
End-grain blocks can withstand serious cutting and chopping.


cherry breakfast bar

In another unique approach, a curved, edge-grain cherry
butcher block is cantilevered over the corner of an underlying
countertop. The result is a gorgeous semi-circular breakfast
bar and enhanced utilization of limited, available space.

Boos Walnut Edge-Grain Island and Counter Tops

edge-grain walnut kitchen island

Walnut is the darkest and most striking North American hardwood.
Here it’s used to top a traditional-style kitchen island.
The stark contrast between the cream and medium-to-dark
brown island top and the white island base and walls is riveting.


walnut bar counter top

Lighting shows off the yellows, creams and
browns in this edge-grain walnut bar top.
It complements dark brown cabinets and stands
out against the lighter backsplash and wall.

Boos Blended Walnut Countertops

blended walnut counters

Blended butcher blocks incorporate more wood pieces than do other styles.
Multiple staves are finger-jointed together to span each interior strip of a
blended block, so there are more joints where coloration can shift abruptly.
Such blocks, resembling patchwork quilts, are stunning in appearance.

walnut counters on white kitchen cabinet

Blended walnut looks equally stunning placed atop light
or medium-tone cabinets. Here, the light-dark contrast
is truly striking. Note how lighting enhances 
the vibrancy of all the colors found in walnut.

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