We're a leading online seller of extremely high-quality kitchen furniture and accessories. As you can tell from our name, we specialize in all things butcher block – everything from kitchen islands and carts to tables and blocks; from cutting boards and chopping blocks to expansive island and counter tops. Not only do we offer the best assortment of products for residential kitchens and home cooks, we also offer a wide range of products designed for commercial kitchens and embraced by professional chefs.

Browse Wood Cutting Boards and Kitchen Furniture by Brand, Wood Type, Grain Style, Color, Style and Size

Browse our extensive catalog by product type and narrow your options by filtering for one or more material types, including maple, cherry, oak, walnut, birch and teak, among many others. If you’re searching for butcher block furniture – say a stationary or portable kitchen island, for example - you can narrow your choices based on length, width or overall height. If you’re shopping for an island table or kitchen cart you can use as a work station for preparing meals and you have in mind a particular type of butcher block top, then use our grain style and thickness filters. Of course, you can use those same filters to find cutting boards, chopping blocks or wood countertops that meet your needs.

Edge-Grain, End-Grain and Blended Style Blocks

Butchers blocks can be constructed in a number of different ways. Visit our Help Center for explanations of the differences and pros and cons of each. You’ll learn that edge-grain blocks incorporate long rails of wood that run the block’s full length, providing an especially clean, linear look; blended blocks utilize multiple boards finger-jointed together to span each row or slice of the block; and end-grain boards are created by standing short strips of wood on end, producing a complex checkerboard design and a tough and resilient cutting surface.

Boos Blocks, Islands and Tables in Glorious, Vibrant Colors

If you’re searching for a Boos butcher block island, table or cart with a painted or stained base, you can further narrow the field by checking boxes for your colors of interest. For a soothing, complementary color, consider Alabaster white, Slate Gray, natural maple or a cherry, gray or walnut stain for the base of your piece. Or perhaps you’d prefer your furniture to stand out, in which case you might opt for black, Barn Red, Caribbean Blue or a shade of green.

Butcher Block Countertops Are Our Specialty

We’re proud and pleased to offer countertops manufactured by John Boos & Co. They’re available in premium, commercial and industrial grades and are suitable for home kitchens, garages and workshops, as well as food service applications including restaurants, cafeterias, delis and bakeries. Boos makes counter and kitchen island tops in four different species of wood: maple, cherry, oak and walnut; three different grain styles; and seven different thicknesses - from 1-1/2 inches all the way up to 7 inches. A wide array of standard sizes (i.e., popular length and width combinations) is available. With so many off-the-shelf size options to choose from, chances are you’ll find a standard-size offering that suits your needs. But if you can’t, you’ll find it a breeze to specify, quote and purchase a custom top designed and made to your specifications.

Custom Counter Tops & Island Tops - Price Quotes in Seconds

We can easily accommodate nearly any request for a custom countertop of specific dimensions. Even better, with BBC you won’t have to wait days for a custom quote, as is the case with other online stores. In fact, you won’t have to wait a single hour, nor even a fraction thereof. Simply visit BBC’s page dedicated to made-to-order counter and island top price quotations; specify your requirements in four easy steps; then view your online price quote instantly. You’ll have the option of completing your custom order right then and there, or getting back to us later, since we will keep your price quote on file.

Even if you have need for miter cuts or sink or stove cutouts, we can help you find a solution. And remember, wood counters aren’t just for residential kitchens. We can help you find am NSF-approved maple countertop for a food service kitchen, or a cost-effective industrial-grade top for your tool shop workbench or commercial office, job shop or manufacturing plant.

Stationary Islands, Tables & Blocks; Portable Islands, Work Stations & Carts – All with Butcher Block Tops

If available space in your kitchen is at a premium, fear not. We carry standing blocks with footprints as small as 24-inches square. On the other hand, if you’re not space-constrained, your options include kitchen islands as large as 5 feet long and 3 feet wide; with and without shelves, utensil drawers, sliding storage baskets. and vast storage cabinets; and with and without seats as well as drop leaves. Our lineup of kitchen carts is equally vast. It includes microwave carts, stainless-steel-top BBQ carts and workstation carts with holes cut in the worktop for the easy disposal of scraps.

Cutting Boards, Chopping Blocks and Carving Boards Galore!

You name it; we carry it – everything from basic, small edge-grain maple bread or cheese boards to mid-size cherry or walnut serving boards, to large cutting boards used by professional chefs. If you need a carving board with a juice groove, or metal or wood spikes that hold meat in place for easier carving, look no further. End-grain blocks designed for serious chopping are our specialty. They come in various wood types and thicknesses, and many are reversible.

Fine Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives & Knife Blocks

Whether you’re in need of a single knife or a 2, 3 or 4-knife set for your own kitchen, or you’re searching for a spectacular knife block gift set for a true gourmet, you’ll be delighted to discover the wide assortment we carry. Choose a general-purpose utility knife, or one for carving or paring, for boning or filleting. We even offer cutlery specially designed for narrow tasks such as shucking oysters, slicing tomatoes or ham and salmon, chopping vegetables or shearing poultry. While you’re at it, pick up a gorgeous wooden knife block. Choose a standalone block to house your current collection of cutlery, or one that comes with 4, 7 or 9 knives in a stunning set.

No One Knows Butcher Block Like We Do!

We can save you time, aggravation and money. We have scoured the market and assembled the finest collection of kitchen-oriented brands you’ll find anywhere. Our knowledgeable customer service agents are almost always available to answer your questions by phone or email. If not, we’ll get back to you promptly. Or check out the exhaustive library of answers to FAQs and comparative and how-to guides included in our Help Center. Plus we provide over 20 short videos that introduce our most popular brands and product types.

John Boos, Our Flagship Brand, Was Founded a Century Ago.

Actually, Boos & Co. made their very first massive wood blocks more than one and a quarter century ago, in 1887. Those early blocks were used by blacksmiths, who previously relied on thick slices of tree trunks to serve as their extra-strong work surfaces. By adding sturdy legs to these wooden slabs Boos created a work table perfectly suited for smithies’ rugged chores. Once the company’s founders realized that meat butchers, who had similar needs, represented a huge, untapped business opportunity, the butcher block was born. Over time, Boos expanded its product line to include everything from cutting and chopping boards to kitchen carts and islands and even countertops.

Boos’ Commercial Line Includes Baker’s Tables, Stainless Steel Work Tables, Dining Table Tops & More

Commercial bakeries opt for Boos maple-top work tables equipped with risers to keep foodstuffs on the table and cleanup quick and easy. Restaurants and delis, as well as food and industrial plants, trust Boos stainless steel work tables, enclosed base cabinets and compartment sinks. Plus, you’ll find Boos dining table tops in eating establishments of all sizes and styles. They come in maple, cherry and walnut and in edge-grain or blended construction styles.

Catskill Craftsmen Portable Islands, Workcenters and Carts Are Built for Storage

Located in the Catskill Mountains, this industry leader uses yellow birch hardwood harvested nearby in all its products. Their furniture line includes islands that provide vast storage space; mid-sized workstations with and without drop leaves that can expand available work space; small carts with hutches on top of which microwave ovens can be stowed; and basket carts and kitchen trolleys that can make small kitchens seem larger and more productive. Catskill is also well known for their stunning face-grain cutting boards and their spectacular end-grain chopping blocks.

Kitchen Carts by Chris and Chris Are Uniquely Functional

The professional chef duo of Chris and Chris knows whereof it speaks. The pair brought to market an array of space-efficient work station carts featuring their innovative Chop and Drop sanitary disposal system. You can use this nifty feature to help you collect your carvings for immediate or later use, or to gather scraps left over from your food prep for especially easy disposal.

Folding Carts & Islands from Oasis Concepts

Designed especially for space-conscious types, Oasis products are all foldable. Their line includes a 36” x 24” table/desk hybrid, a 40” x 25” table that can function as either a dining or buffet table, and collapsible rolling islands and carts as small as 24” x 24” Oasis kitchen furniture that folds is the smartest way to get the most utility out of a tight space.

Teak Cutting Boards Made by Proteak

Teak is perfectly suited for cutting boards, given its composition. The wood's high oily-resin content helps it repel moisture, protecting it from warping. If you have a hankering for teak, or are simply seeking a cutting board with a remarkable look – perhaps for gifting – then be sure to check out our Proteak collection of teak cutting boards and chopping blocks.

Chroma Type 301 Stainless Steel Knives

These extraordinary kitchen knives feature a unique handle design conceived by F.A. Porsche – famous for designing the original Porsche 911. Expertly-balanced, they’re especially comfortable to hold and easy to control. Chroma knives are made of Japanese steel, renowned for its structural integrity and incredible sharpness. The blades of these remarkable knives are grinded by hand and able to hold their razor-sharp edges longer than regular knives. You’ll find them superior with respect to their look, functionality and long-lastingness.

Handsome Knife Blocks by Artelegno

Artelegno is an Italian woodcrafter famous for their exquisite wood blocks designed for storing and protecting kitchen knives. Their experienced craftsmen use only the finest European beechwood in crafting fabulous-looking knife storage solutions. Of course, they offer traditional blocks with slots, but their line is so much broader. It includes multi-panel designs with magnets incorporated, as well; plus box and paddle wheel configurations that are anything but conventional. Add an Artelegno block to your kitchen and you’ll be hard-pressed to decide which you value more highly – how it draws the eye just as would a piece of art on exhibit, or its supreme function, keeping knives handy but safe and protected.

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