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John Boos End-Grain Cutting Boards & Blocks

Resilient End-Grain Cutting Boards by John Boos - Easy on the Eyes and Easy on Knives!

John Boos Butcher Block Cutting Boards in End-Grain Style in Every Shape Imaginable

As you might expect, you can choose a Boos end-grain board in a conventional shape such as a round, oval, square or rectangle. Boos even makes a beautiful octagonal end-grain cutting board. The customary finish for end-style blocks is a food-safe natural oil. In fact, Boos dips each and every end-grain cutting board in a Boos Mystery Oil bath to ensure deep moisturizing. You will need to reapply butcher block oil or board cream on a regular basis in order to keep your board sound and great-looking and to prevent any chance of your board drying out and cracking.

end-grain Boos Block oil bath

End-Grain Boos Boards Come in Maple, Cherry and Walnut

Whether you’re searching for a maple Boos end-grain board, or one in cherry or walnut, you’ll find plenty of options to choose among. You might also want to check out our selection of Herb Boards, some of which are Boos boards made of end-grain butcher block.

Boos End-Grain Cutting Boards Come with Lots of Nifty Features

Many John Boos boards include convenient juice grooves to help prevent countertop messes, and many are reversible, with handy finger grips that make it easy to flip the butcher’s board. Two other product types you might wish to view, since they include a number of different end-grain boards, are Boos cutting boards with feet and Boos blocks with stainless steel accents.

If you like these stunning end-grain boards, you might want to scope out all the butcher block cutting boards made by Boos & Co.