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Baker's Tables

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Boos Maple-Top Bakers Work Tables

Boos bakery tables feature hard maple tops and come in sizes up to 14 feet long. Select one with or without a riser and a lower shelf. Choose between galvanized and stainless steel for your table's legs and shelf. You can even add a 3-drawer stack. Boos' popular Baker's Cart comes with a full riser, plus a bun pan rack. Their baker cabinets include maple work tops on stainless steel enclosed bases, with or without sliding doors.

Boos Bakery Tables feature Maple Butcher Block Tops That Are Perfect for Baking Prep

Butcher block is the perfect material for a baker's table. Its surface is smooth, sturdy and steady, so great for mashing, kneading, rolling and cutting dough. And nothing will satisfy home or professional baker or pastry chef more than a tasty loaf of bread, croissant, pie crust or tart created from dough thoroughly worked and cut on his or her own baking table.

John Boos' Popular Baker’s Cart Is a Clear Favorite among Professional Bakers

Professional bakers’ top pick is the Boos Baker’s Cart. Its 1-3/4-inch-thick blended maple butcher block work top is a baker’s delight. Plus it’s equipped with a stainless-steel shelf and a bun pan rack that can accommodate as many as eight pans. A 4-inch-high maple riser spans both sides of the cart and its back, helping to make kitchen conditions more sanitary and clean-up quicker and easier. The smallest of these tops is 48 by 30 inches, and the largest is 60 by 36 inches. All are certified by NSF - the independent organization that determines whether or not a manufacturer's materials and processes meet stringent industry standards.

Baker Tables Come in a Variety of Configurations

You can select a 1-3/4-inch thick maple-top table with either a partial or rear riser or a full riser in a wide range of sizes. These tops can be mounted on galvanized or stainless steel bases with or without a lower shelf. Other options for the table’s base include a single drawer, a 3-drawer stack or an enclosed stainless steel base cabinet with or without sliding doors, which are also made of stainless steel. Flat-top tables come in two thicknesses: 1-1/2 or 2-1/4 inches thick. Sizes range up to 120 inches in length and as wide as 60 inches.

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