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Live Edge Cutting Boards

A Live-Edge Cutting Board Can Bring the Great Outdoors Right Into Your Kitchen

Each live-edge cutting board is unique. They're available in maple, walnut and sycamore; and in small, medium and large sizes.  

Live Edge Cutting Boards Are as Functional as Any, But Unmatched in Their Natural Beauty

Cutting Boards with natural edges are kitchen showpieces. Whether you're shopping for a stunning addition to your own kitchen or a distinctive and memorable gift, you'll find none more noteworthy. Each live-edge cutting board is salvaged from a downed tree and brought back to life by skilled craftsmen. One long edge of a live-edge cutting board showcases the outer surface of a tree’s trunk or major branch that’s revealed once bark has been shaved away. There’s no better way to introduce a touch of the great outdoors right into your kitchen or dining room.

Wood Slab Cutting Boards in Maple, Walnut and Sycamore

Maple is prized for its hardness and its neutral coloration – a blend of light yellow, cream and light-to-medium browns - which makes it complementary to almost any kitchen décor. Walnut’s popularity traces to its dark, rich colors, including creamy whites and yellows mixed with light, medium and dark browns. Sycamore wood tends to show light browns tinged with a hint of red.

These Natural Edge Cutting Boards Are Mounted on Protective Rubber Feet 

To ensure that your authentic rustic-edge cutting board never comes in contact with a countertop spill that could otherwise wick up onto the wood, it comes mounted on four small, food-safe rubber feet. Although they perform an important function, measuring only ¼” high, they’re hardly noticeable. To the extent they are, you’ll like their sleek, tapered (from top to bottom) look.

Each Live Edge Cutting Board Comes with a Bottle of Food-Safe Cutting Board Oil

Every living edge cutting board is finished with a coating of natural, food-safe, mineral oil. In addition, a 2-ounce bottle of oil is provided free with any live-edge board purchase, along with care instructions. Use the oil to replenish lost moisture, to help protect and preserve the wood and extend the wood slab's useful life. We recommend you re-apply oil every few weeks.

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