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Boos & Company Is a Leading Maker of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

For more than a century Boos & Co. has been a leading manufacturer of kitchen furniture and equipment; their products are used in residential and commercial food service kitchens around the world. Professional chefs love Boos products and are some of the brand’s most loyal customers. They especially appreciate the company’s commitment to kitchen products that feature clean and classic designs and material and workmanship of the highest quality.

John Boos Pro-Bowl Utility Sinks Are Specially Designed for Commercial Use

For starters, they’re made principally of 16-gauge stainless steel, so they’re incredibly sturdy and resistant to rust. Furthermore, to ensure that each sink comes with perfectly sanitary, one-piece bowls, all welds are grinded and sanded to ensure a smooth finish. And all Boos Pro-Bowl sinks look great too, partly because the stainless steel used to make them is satin-finished with a #4 polish.

NSF-Approved Compartment Sinks, Platter Sinks and Bakery Sinks

Regardless of your specific application, it’s likely we can help you find a stainless steel commercial utility sink that fits your needs. You can choose from a wide assortment of compartment, platter and utility sinks. They can be outfitted with as many as four bowls, and up to two side drainboards. All these rugged steel sinks are NSF-certified. This means they meet or exceed industry standards developed by NSF to ensure that products that might affect the health of the public are indeed safe for use.

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