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Custom Butcher Block Countertops & Island Tops By John Boos & Co.

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To help you choose a type and style, visit our Boos Photo Gallery. Still undecided? Boos butcher block samples are available for purchase ($2 plus $10 S&H on orders under $75).

John Boos is the Top-Selling Butcher Block Brand Worldwide.

Boos & Co. made the very first butcher block more than a century ago - way back in 1887. Today, when people think of butcher blocks they typically think of “Boos Blocks.” If you’re searching for a recognized and trusted brand name, John Boos is it. Boos & Co. makes countertops for residential, commercial and industrial applications; for kitchens and dining rooms; offices and retail stores; workbenches and manufacturing plants.

Choose One of Four Species for Your Boos Custom Wood Counter or Island Top

John Boos specializes in North American hardwood: Rock Maple, Black Walnut, American Cherry and Appalachian Red Oak. The company sources the wood it uses only from forests that are managed in a sustainable fashion so that we may meet today’s demands while ensuring adequate natural resources are available for future generations.

Countertops made of Hard Rock Maple – the hardest of the four woods - are the most popular. Their neutral color scheme is another advantage; maple complements almost any kitchen’s décor.

American Black Walnut is gaining in popularity, despite its higher price point, due to its appealing mix of tans and creams and browns that range from medium to dark chocolate.

American Cherry features pink to reddish-brown hues with pale yellowish streaks. Notably, Cherry starts out a bit pale but patinas (darkens) over time.

Appalachian Red Oak shows off bolder shades of browns than does Maple, plus touches of gold, pink and amber.

Boos Custom Countertops Come in Edge, End and Blended Grain Styles

In edge-grain butcher blocks, wood rails 1-3/4 inches wide run parallel to one another. Each rail spans the full length of the block.

Blended-style blocks are a variation of edge-grain blocks. That's why this construction style is sometimes referred to as finger-jointed edge-grain. In blended blocks, two or more wood pieces are finger-jointed together to span each stripe of the block (except for the outermost rails, which will are always full-length).

End-grain blocks display the classic checkerboard pattern that most people associate with the very term, "butcher block." The surface of the block displays the fibrous, 1-3/4"-square, sawed ends of wood rails, including each piece's unique grain patterns. End-grain blocks are recommended for heavy-duty use.

The accompanying image shows which edges or ends of wood planks will appear on the surface of your counters.

Custom Butcher Block Grain Styles

Choose a Stylish Edge Type for Your Wood Countertops

Boos makes their famous custom countertops in a number of different edge styles. Their default edge type is slightly eased, meaning the top of each edge is sanded very lightly.

Radius edges sport rounded tops where the curve marks out a one-quarter-inch radius.

Bevel or Beveled edges are shaved flat, so that each of the two internal angles comprising the turn is 145 degrees.

In a Bullnose edge, both the top and bottom of the edge is rounded. Both segments of the curve trace out arcs measuring ¾ of an inch.

The fanciest edge style is Roman Ogee (exact dimensions vary based on countertop thickness). This edge style first drops straight down, then bows out (convex) then in (concave).

John Boos Custom Countertop Edge Styles

Choose a Natural Oil or Varnique Finish

Boos countertops come with one of two proprietary finishes: a coat of natural, food-safe oil; or a varnish-like sealant Boos calls Varnique. The former requires quick cleanup of spills and regular re-oiling. The latter is low-maintenance and easier to clean, but it is not intended to be cut upon directly. Instead, we recommend you place a cutting board atop the countertop.

Get Real-time Instant Price Quotes

It’s quick and easy to get a price quote on a custom Boos butcher block countertop. You can even save a price quote and email it to yourself. You can use our instant-quote tool to compare the prices of different wood types, grain styles and/or sizes.

Need Help with Custom Angle Cuts or Sink or Stove Cutouts?

Boos can accommodate mitered cuts and cutouts for appliances or sinks. If you provide us a drawing showing the cuts and/or cutouts you require, we will be happy to supply you with a custom price quote.

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