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Corbel Supports

Corbel Supports for Countertop Overhangs Can Add to Your Kitchen's Overall Beauty

Steel Corbels in an Array of Designs, from Basic to Ornate

What all these iron corbels have in common is that they all are plenty sturdy, so able to provide all the support your countertop or island top overhang needs. Where they differ is in the design of their angular braces that connect the two stems of their respective L brackets. Parsons corbels feature square tubular supports; Eclipse corbels utilize curved center supports that deliver a softer look; the Stout, Woodland Branch, and Industrial designs are true to their names; and the Lauren presents a bit of elegance.

Each Bracket Comes in Multiple Sizes and Colors

Choose among four color options: black, white, clear coat (over raw steel), or aged bronze. Considering how great looking they are, you'll want to give yours a finish that's as stunning as their design.