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Boos Butcher Block Islands

A Boos Island Can Rejuvenate a Tired Kitchen and Add Valuable Storage & Work Space

Butcher Block Islands Add Warmth to Kitchens, and So Much More

Besides being naturally warm and beautiful, butcher block islands can improve your productivity in the kitchen. Make good use of it for baking prep – rolling, kneading and cutting dough, for instance – and in such meal prep activities as weighing or measuring then staging ingredients. If baking and food prep will be your primary endeavors, then an edge-grain or blended-grain butcher block top should suffice. On the other hand, if you intend to do serious cutting, slicing and even chopping on the work top, then you should consider a butcher block top constructed in end-grain style. The surface of an end-grain block is comprised on millions of wood fibers that not only absorb sharp blades, they help to keep those honed edges sharper longer.  

Adding a Kitchen Island Made of Butcher Block? Here are Some Design Considerations.

If you’re the daring type, consider creating contrast between your island and its surroundings. For instance, add vibrancy to your kitchen by introducing a dark wood island base into a light and airy setting. Conversely, a white island is sure to stand out against dark cabinetry. If you’re really bold, consider an island with an apron and legs painted barn red or stained walnut to contrast with white kitchen cabinets, or a light blue island to complement gray cabinetry and granite countertops.

Or you might prefer a consistent, seamless look for your kitchen. Regardless whether you like bold statements or prefer subtle coordination, you’ll find a plethora of butcher block islands to choose from. Even the type of wood you choose for your island top can have a profound impact on the overall look of your kitchen. Maple is subtle and adds warmth. Cherry wood brings a touch of color, and Walnut adds depth and richness.

Boos Islands Deliver a Resilient Work Surface, Added Storage Space, plus a Fine-Furniture Look.

If you plan to use your new island for food prep, then you will want a natural oil finish. If you are mostly looking for a piece of fine furniture that will stand out as the centerpiece of your kitchen and double as a serving bar, you might consider a Varnique finish. Varnique is a Boos product that provides a protective, hard-shell coating that's especially easy to clean. Note though, that you should not cut upon a surface with a Varnique finish, since cuts in the coating could allow harmful bacteria into the wood beneath.

If it's important for you to pick up additional kitchen storage space, consider your options: solid or slatted wood shelves, utensil drawers, sliding wicker baskets, towel bars, spice racks and more. Are you looking for a home for kitchen tools and utensils, pots and pans, cookbooks and other assorted paraphernalia you can never seem to locate quickly? Avoid wasting time searching through cabinets and drawers. Now you’ll have everything you need in one spot.

If utility, looks and storage are all important considerations, don’t fret. Many Boos kitchen islands provide all three benefits - a rugged work top, exquisite looks and handy storage solutions. And they come in a range of styles – from antique to contemporary – so you’re certain to find one that suits your kitchen décor.

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