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Teak cutting boards showcase the rich colors and grain patterns of this tropical wood.

High in oily resin content, teak repels moisture and resists warping, making it ideal for kitchen cutting boards.

Teakhaus Cutting Boards Feature Natural Beauty, Style and Resilience

Teak’s color scheme is a blend of gold and brown from its heartwood (core of the tree) mixed with tan and cream characteristic of its sapwood (outer rings). Since it’s able to repel moisture, it’s a durable and long-lasting wood that’s sure to serve you well over time. 

Proteak - one of the world’s top three producers of teak – makes teak cutting boards under the Teak-Haus brand name. They offer edge-grain and end-grain-style boards. In edge-grain boards, narrow strips of teak wood are arranged side by side, providing an overall linear look. These boards are perfect for basic slicing and serving.

For more rigorous food prep and serving jobs you’ll want a teak chopping block made in end-grain style. In end-grain boards short lengths of teak wood are arranged vertically, rather than horizontally. Not only does this deliver a more interesting and variegated checkerboard design, the cutting surface is much more rugged. The fibrous cut ends of teakwood pieces which form the block’s surface are better able to withstand sharp knives without prematurely dulling them.

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