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Portable Kitchen Islands

Portable Kitchen Islands for Home Gourmets

Portable Islands Are for Kitchens That Buzz

If you’re like most of us, your kitchen is a beehive of activity, with everyone buzzing about. At times it can even feel as crowded as a real beehive. You’d love more counter space for preparing meals, but you just can’t spare the space for a butcher block, let alone a kitchen island. Well you can find the best of both worlds in a portable kitchen island.

You’ll enjoy extra counter space whenever it’s needed, for measuring and laying out ingredients or for kneading and rolling dough. When you’re all done using your island, you can roll it out of the way and in a snap restore that open and spacious feeling to your kitchen, ensuring there’s ample space for one and all to safely wind their way into, out of and around the kitchen.

Rolling Kitchen Islands Are There for You, When and Where You Need Them

The obvious advantage of a movable kitchen island, especially one equipped with sturdy caster wheels, is that it can be moved wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Before serving the main course, use your rolling island to offer dinner guests cheese and crackers or vegetables and dips; and after the main course, for serving up tantalizing desserts. For that matter, leave it out during dinner. There’s no better place than kitchen islands for carving roasts, turkeys and hams and for presenting them to guests buffet style.

Catskill Mobile Islands Are Exceptionally Versatile

Catskill Craftsmen is a leader in kitchen islands, especially movable islands designed to maximize work space, storage capacity and space utilization by way of shelves, drawers, enclosed cabinets and drop leaves. But don’t think of Catskill kitchen carts as solutions only for space-constrained kitchens. They’re equally functional in mid-size and large kitchens. In fact, kitchen carts make beautiful additions to just about any kitchen. Catskill uses birch wood and offers solid hardwood or butcher block tops that are great for chopping, cutting and slicing. Hardwood can take a licking and still maintain its natural luster and beauty.

A Kitchen Island with Wheels and Ample Storage Can’t Be Beat

If you have limited floor space and storage in your kitchen, you need not despair. You can count on a portable kitchen island or kitchen carts to expand counter space while preparing and serving a meal, then simply wheel it out sight. If your microwave oven takes up too much valuable space on the counter, consider moving it atop a moveable island. To get the most out of yours, choose one with shelves and drawers where you can store other appliances, cookware and utensils.

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