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Restaurant-Style Dining Table Tops

Boos Restaurant-Style Dining Tables - Designed for Food Service; Perfect for Homes

Lead time for Dining Table Tops is 6 weeks.

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        Boos walnut restaurant dining table tops

Boos edge-grain walnut dining tables in the Whitehall's Edgar's Hermano restaurant (Houston), supplied by Butcher Block Co. 

Wood samples are available for purchase. (Order John Boos Countertop Samples with Varnique finish.)

NOTE: Boos dining table tops are not reversible, as undersides are not finished and sometimes show imperfections.

Boos Restaurant-Style Dining Table Tops in Maple, Walnut, and Cherry

The wood used in these gorgeous dining table tops is sourced from North American hardwood forests that are managed for sustainability. Boos offers the three most popular wood species, covering a spectrum of colors ranging from light tan to dark brown. Each species has its own distinct look.

Northern Hard Rock Maple is the “go-to” wood, since it’s the hardest and most affordable of the lot, plus its neutral colors can complement almost any dining room décor.

The yellows and light-to-dark browns of American Black Walnut make it especially distinct (and pricey), so well-suited for formal, upscale restaurants. 

American Cherry features light shades of pink and reddish browns. Fresh cherry wood starts out fairly light, but darkens over time.

restaurant-style dining tables

Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval & Octagonal Dinner Table Tops

These beautiful butcher block table tops are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

  • Round-table diameters start at 24 inches and top out at 60 inches.
  • Rectangular tables come in widths of 24 in., 30 in. and 36 in. 
  • Oval table tops are available in diameters from 48 to 60 inches. 
  • Octagon dining tops vary in diameter between 42 and 60 inches.

Table tops up to 42" wide are 1-1/2" thick; tops wider than 42" are 1-3/4" thick, for additional structural integrity.

Choose Edge Grain Butcher Block for a Clean, Uniform Look, or Blended-Style for More Dramatic Color Variation

The shortest side of a wood plank milled from a tree trunk shows the wood's EDGE grain. Both construction styles – Edge and Blended - present the tree's edge grain as the top and bottom of the butcher block.

edge-grain illustration

Whereas edge-grain butcher block features wood pieces that span the full length of the block, multiple wood strips are finger-jointed together to create each strand of a blended butcher block (except for outside rails, which are full-length). That's why blended style is also referred to as finger-jointed edge-grain.

Boos dining table, blended-grain style


Boos Dinner Table Tops Come with a Protective, Semi-Gloss Finish and Radius-Syle Edges

Regardless of which wood type or grain style you choose, your dining tables will be coated with Boos Tuff-Var - a protective, semi-gloss finish that makes them long-lasting and easy to care for. The finish on larger tops is a standard conversion varnish (fast-drying, spray-on finish).

Standard edging is ¼” Radius, top edge only. An upgrade option is available: ¼” radius on both the top and bottom edges.

butcher block table edge options

Boos Table Bases Are Currently Unavailable

We are providing the following information as a courtesy, should you wish to search for table bases available from other sources.

Before pandemic-related supply disruptions, Boos & Co. offered four different styles of black metal stands. Options included table supports with disc bases, cross bases or T supports, in “dining height” (28” to the top of the metal “spider” to which the wood attaches) or “bar height” (40-1/2” to the top of the spider). The following table shows previously available base options by table top size.

butcher block table base options

Metal Base Assembly Instructions / Pre-Drilling Holes for a Metal Base

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