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About Butcher Block

Butcher Block FAQs

What Is Butcher Block?

How Is It Made?

Is It Safe & Sanitary?

Edge vs. End vs. Blended-Grain Styles

Natural Oil vs. Varnish Finish

Is It Environmentally Friendly?

Is It Sustainable?

Care & Repair

A Complete Care & Repair Guide PDF

How to Care for It

How to Clean & Oil It

How to Remove Stains and Scratches

How to Remove Dents

How to Sand a Sharp Edge

Boos Block Assembly 

How to Assemble Boos Blocks, Carts & Tables

Shipping and Delivery                

Typical Lead Times

Curbside Liftgate Service - Do You Need It?

Freight Shipments - What You Need to Know


Countertop Materials

Comparing Countertop Materials PDF

Comparing Costs of Countertop Materials

Pros & Cons of Countertop Materials

For Designers & Contractors

John Boos Countertops

Boos Countertop FAQs

Boos Countertop Brochure PDF

Boos STANDARD-SIZE Countertops Catalog

Comparing Wood Types

Comparing Costs of Wood Types & Grain Styles

How to Choose the Right Boos Countertop

Boos Warranty

Boos Custom Countertops

Photo Gallery

How to Order - The Process, Start to Finish

Boos Price Calculator

Custom Cuts & Cutouts

Sink and Stove Cutouts

Undermount & Farmhouse Sink Cutouts

Butcher Block Co. Countertops

Photo Gallery

BBC Price Calculator

Comparing Wood Types

Images of All 47 Countertop Types


Countertop Installation Instructions PDF

Countertop Overhang Guidelines PDF


For Prepping

Cutting Boards for All Occasions

Wood Cutting Boards vs. Plastic

For Entertaining

Recipes Galore

Turkey Carving Tips from a Pro

For Grilling

Grilling Tip

For Organizing

How to Get and Stay Organized                  

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