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Butcher Block Tables

Butcher Block Tables Add Function and Flair to Kitchens, Pantries, Foyers and Dining Rooms

Bakers' Tables
bakery table with butcher block top
Work Tables
butcher block work tables
Restaurant-Style Tables
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Island Tables
kitchen island tables with butcher block tops
Work Stations
work station with butcher block top

A Butcher Block Table Will Add Valuable Counter and Work Space to Your Kitchen

Whether you’re considering adding a wooden table to your kitchen, breakfast nook, pantry or dining room, a work table with a butcher block top will serve you well. Not only will it provide a great surface for baking and meal preparation, it will supply firmness and heft that’s necessary for the serious cutting and chopping tasks that professional butchers tackle every day. But just as those pesky infomercials advise: wait, there’s more. Butchers’ tables are great for dining, too. Not only are they rock-solid and smooth to the touch, they’re gorgeous. There’s no better way to bring the natural outdoors right into your living space. And since wood looks elegant and feels casual at the same time, it’s equally appropriate for formal and informal dining.

These Cutting Board Tables Come in a Variety of Sizes and Styles

If your kitchen is on the small side or you’re seeking an authentic, butcher table, you’ll discover a plethora of small-size choices (e.g., 24 by 24 inches) that can nicely complement an otherwise stark wall or a vacant corner. On the other hand, if you’d like a long and narrow table you can place along a wall for easy, anytime access, you’ll be pleased by the numerous options. And of course, if what you’re looking for is an island table that can be the centerpiece of your kitchen, rest assured you’ll find rectangular and oval options galore.

One particularly nice feature of many of these tables is their open, see-through design, which can enhance the feeling of spaciousness in your kitchen and makes them great for storing cookware, dinnerware and even small appliances. Many table designs offer optional shelves and drawers that provide even more storage options for kitchen utensils and cookbooks for instance. Or consider the add-on option of sliding wicker baskets, which can add a quaint touch as well as functionality.

Butcher Tables Come in Three Different Grain Styles

Block tops are perfect for those who do a lot of cutting and chopping on kitchen tables. There are three grain styles to choose from. Edge-grain tops feature long rails of wood that run the full length of the table. Blended-grain (or finger-jointed edge-grain) tables are slightly different. Instead of a single rail spanning each long “stripe” of the table, two or more pieces of wood finger-jointed together cover each lengthwise strip (except for the outside border of the table, where full-length rails are used). While these grain styles meet the needs of most home chefs and deliver the beauty that homemakers expect, they’re not quite as tough, attractive and authentic as end-grain butcher block. In fact, some people don’t consider it real butcher block unless it’s end-grain.

End-grain blocks are the most rugged (and expensive). This construction style involves standing short pieces of wood (typically no larger than 2 inches square and up to 7 inches in length) on their ends in a tight grid pattern so that the block’s cutting surface is comprised of millions of wood fibers found on the ends of the wood pieces. These fibrous ends are extremely resilient. They can accept sharp knife blades repeatedly, yet show little sign of it. Moreover, they show off the varying coloration and grain patterns of all the individual wood rails arrayed in a mesmerizing checkerboard design.

John Boos Butchers' Block Tables Are the Best and the Most Renowned

Boos & Co. made their very first butcherblock table in the late eighteenth century and they remain the market leader to this day. Perhaps it’s because they’re particular in selecting and preparing the wood they use, or maybe this merely reflects the expertise they’ve built up over more than a century. Regardless, the John Boos name carries great prestige and ensures quality workmanship. John Boos not only supplies residential tables and blocks, the company is also a leading supplier of commercial furniture and equipment to the food service industry, including butcher block dining tables popular with restaurants, bars, delis, and on and on.

Butcher Block Tables Are Also Great for Games and Crafts

Wood-top tables are incredibly versatile too. Use one in your home office or den where it can serve as a desk for organizing and completing paperwork or homework assignments. In the family room it can serve as a game table - perfect for assembling jigsaw puzzles and playing board games or cards. They’re equally useful as computer work stations, or play stations where video games and consoles can be stored and enjoyed.

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