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Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands Are Like People Magnets.  Somehow, Inevitably, They Draw Us Near.

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Butcher Block Islands
butcher block kitchen islands
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Drop-Leaf Islands
Drop-Leaf Islands
Work Station Islands
work station island with butcher block top

Kitchen Carts and Islands Act Just Like People Magnets

The kitchen is where families convene to share real, as well as spiritual, sustenance; and where friends gather to share a pot of coffee along with news of the day. But moving at today’s hectic pace, sometimes we only encounter those we love as we scurry by one another like ships passing in the night. And just as ships sometimes seek safe harbor from a storm, we too occasionally seek a calm port - a peaceful island in the midst of turbulence. That’s where an island or large kitchen cart can prove invaluable. Like magnets, islands and carts pull families together.

Butcher Block Islands Make Practical, Popular Investments

If you’re designing from scratch or planning a kitchen remodel, know that designers and home builders agree that kitchen islands with butcher block tops are smart investments. They provide a strong, sturdy surface for cutting and chopping on, a smooth and steady surface that’s perfect for baking (e.g., rolling and kneading dough), plus abundant work and serving space that’s valuable for general meal preparation, hosting buffets and even sit-down dining. Moreover, the natural beauty of wood adds warmth to any kitchen, especially compared to cold-looking, stone surfaces. Plus, your island will have the look and feel of a great piece of fine furniture. Finally, unlike other surfaces, butcher block is natural, sustainable and can be renewed and repaired.

John Boos Kitchen Island Tables Are the Highest-Rated and Most Popular

Boos & Co. is the worldwide leader when it comes to products made of butcher block. The company has a long and storied history and a well-deserved reputation as the premier maker of premium-quality kitchen table islands. They use only the finest North American hardwoods: rock maple, cherry, oak and walnut; in edge-grain, blended-grain and end-grain styles; and in a wide range of thicknesses, lengths and widths. Add-on options include drop leaves, drawers, wicker baskets and shelves for additional work and storage space, plus caster wheels for maximum convenience.

Looking to Buy a Kitchen Island? Here Are Some Factors to Consider

There are many aspects to weigh in choosing an island for your kitchen. For starters, do you want a stationary, free-standing island table or a rolling island cart you can wheel around your kitchen and position where it’s needed most? How much countertop work space do you seek to add, and do you need it to be permanent? If not, maybe a drop-leaf island will do the trick.

How much storage space do you want? And do you prefer open or closed storage? In other words, do you intend to store items on open shelves for quick and easy access at any time, or would you prefer to keep them out of sight, hidden behind cabinet doors?

You’ll find everything from small to medium-sized to large kitchen islands. Which size island is right for your kitchen? Remember to allow ample room for foot traffic around the island, even when someone is working on it. If you entertain often, be sure to allow enough space for others to gather around it.

Finally, which wood type will best fit your kitchen’s look and feel? Maple islands, which feature neutral colors and grain patterns, complement nearly any style of kitchen. Oak introduces slightly darker, richer browns, so makes a bit more impact. Cherry is more of an accent wood; it adds vibrancy and vigor. Most striking is walnut, which is steadily gaining popularity due to its unique blend of cream and medium to dark chocolate browns.

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