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Chroma Type 301 Knives

Chroma Knives Are Counted Among the Finest Kitchen Cutlery in the World.  Ask a Pro Chef.

Chroma Cutlery Is Trusted, Loved and Used by Professional Chefs Across Five Continents

Chroma Type 301 knives were named the 2012 Kitchen Innovation of the Year based on:
  • Functionality/user-convenience
  • Product benefit
  • Innovation
  • Design; and 
  • Ecology/sustainability
Pro Chefs Use Chroma Knives

Every two years a worldwide cooking contest awards the Bocuse d'Or, named after French chef Paul Bocuse, famous for his commitment to culinary quality and innovation. This competition among renowned chefs is one of the world’s most prestigious cooking competitions and is considered the culinary equivalent of the Olympic Games.Four of the past five winners are avid fans and users of Chroma knives. Pictured above (left to right) are Serge Vieira (2005), Fabrice Desvignes (2006) and Thibaut Ruggeri (2013). Not pictured is 2009 winner Geir Skeie.

The Type 301 Line of Chroma Fine Cutlery Is Distinctly Beautiful and Made of Pure Stainless Steel

The Chroma family of Type 301 knives runs the full gamut. You’ll find every type of kitchen knife imaginable, from a small paring knife to a monster-size Chinese chef’s knife. Included are such standbys as carving, bread and utility knives, plus specialized knives for filleting or boning, for slicing salmon and ham, for shucking oysters and for slicing tomatoes. To get a jump start on building a phenomenal knife collection you might want to consider one of Chroma’s many knife sets. They offer a carver knife and fork set plus sets of two and three knives, in addition to a 4-steak-knife set. If you’d like a beautiful wooden knife block to complement your knives, consider a 5, 8 or 10-piece set.

Chroma Type 301 Knife Collection

The Unique and Highly Functional Chroma Knife Handle Was Designed by F.A. Porsche.

The German engineer’s better-known claim to fame was the very first Porsche 911. On this assignment Porsche worked with the Austrian celebrity-chef, Jõrg Wörther, previously named a Chef of the Decade. The handle of the Chroma features an unusual, ergonomic, one-piece design. These handles are comfortable to hold and won’t tire your hands. Plus, lacking a distinct seam between handle and blade, they’re superior hygienically.

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