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Chris & Chris

Prof Chefs Chris and Chris Design Unique & Practical Prep Carts and Cutting Boards

Chris & Chris Prep Carts
Rolling Food Prep Stations
     Chris & Chris Cutting Boards

pro chef-designed cutting boards

Chris & Chris Products Are Equally Beautiful and Functional

Chris and Chris portable prep stations are state of the art. They feature a proprietary “Chop and Drop” food handling system. At the heart of it is a cutout in the cart's worktop that allows the chef to collect sliced and diced slivers of food for later or to dispose of scrap and waste. Plus, they are absolutely stunning. 

Similarly, Chris and Chris cutting boards, featuring unique hardwoods and constructed in end-grain style, are at the same time functional and beautiful. Their exceptional strength traces to the fact that their surfaces are comprised of millions of wood fibers on the ends of short, sawed pieces of wood. These highly fibrous ends can absorb blows from sharp knives and hatchets without showing much wear and tear.

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